An Entrepreneur’s Approach to Sustainability

As entrepreneurs build their businesses with sustainability top of mind, plastic continues to play a vital role, but it isn’t always an easy sell to consumers. However, companies like Bogobrush are driving educational conversations around circularity through product stories and content marketing. 

Haley Lowry, Global Sustainability and End Use Marketing Director at Dow, recently sat down with Heather McDougall, co-founder and CEO of Bogobrush, to speak about the importance of bringing a sustainable-first mindset to the personal care industry, what it means to be a sustainability-focused entrepreneur, and how the “made from waste” concept will help us achieve a more circular economy.

Heather McDougall

Meet Heather McDougall


Co-founder and CEO of Bogobrush

As an eco-empowerment entrepreneur, Heather co founded the sustainable toothbrush brand, Bogobrush, in 2012. She is now the CEO of the brand and directs the development of Bogobrush through vision and strategy leadership. As a keynote and workshop speaker, she’s presented perspective-altering talks on change-maker leadership to audiences from SXSW to TEDx, and in communities around the world. Throughout her career, Heather has been in constant pursuit of the balance of business, planet and community to help create a more sustainable future.

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