Our commitment to reduce plastic waste

Our three-part strategy represents our commitment to finding ways in which we can continue to provide the benefits of plastic, while ensuring that none of that plastic ends up in the environment or is lost to landfill.

  • We will work to keep plastic out of the environment.
  • We will increase impact through partnerships.
  • We will deliver circular economy solutions.

As part of our sustainability targets, Dow intends to transform the waste to deliver 3 million metric tons per year of circular and renewable solutions by 2030. Dow also aims to close the loop by enabling 100% of Dow products sold into packaging applications to be reusable or recyclable by 2035.

Our sustainability success stories
Circular economy solutions

From design to disposal, we should retain the value of plastic.

School of fish
Increasing impact through partnerships

We are all partners in the cause to end plastic waste in the environment.

Scientist with a beaker
Key projects addressing plastic waste

Reuse concepts. Recycling options. Clean up programs.

Polymers with Purpose

We’re innovating for a sustainable future through low-carbon circular
plastic solutions.

Plastics Unwrapped Podcast

Join us on a journey to explore and better understand the world of sustainability and plastics, through short episodes featuring a range of guest experts.

Sustainability Next Summit

At a critical inflection point in the sustainability conversation, Dow’s creating a forum for bold dialogue about solutions. Join Dow and Fast Company for this virtual event on November 16.

Rivers Are Life

The actions of so many have inspired Dow to co-create Rivers Are Life as a platform to help highlight, conserve and restore some of the world’s most important, yet overlooked, environments. Together, Dow and Rivers Are Life aim to support 1,000 projects, big and small, to make a collective global impact on river ecosystems

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