Woman in grocery store placing plastic packaging into recycling container

Our commitment to helping end plastic waste

Our three-part strategy represents our commitment to finding ways in which we can continue to provide the benefits of plastic, while ensuring that none of that plastic ends up in the environment or is lost to landfill.

  • We will work to keep plastic out of the environment.
  • We will increase impact through partnerships.
  • We will deliver circular economy solutions.

As part of our sustainability targets, Dow intends to transform the waste to deliver 3 million metric tons per year of circular and renewable solutionsby 2030. Dow also aims to close the loop by enabling 100% of Dow products sold into packaging applications to be reusable or recyclable by 2035.

The Materials Ecosystem

The Materials Ecosystem

The world demands a better way to make, use, and reuse plastics.


Polymers with Purpose

We’re innovating for a sustainable future through low-carbon circular plastic solutions.


Plastics Unwrapped Podcast

Join us on a journey to explore and better understand the world of sustainability and plastics, through short episodes featuring a range of guest experts.

Sustainability Next Summit

At a critical inflection point in the sustainability conversation, Dow and Fast Company convened policy experts, along with business and sustainability leaders, for the Sustainability Next Summit.


Chemical Kim

Dow partnered with Chemical Kim, scientist and social media influencer, to explore the future of recycling. Take a look at the collaboration and hear what Chemical Kim has to say.

Rivers are Life

As freshwater conduits for the world, we know that we have a responsibility to preserve and protect these shared resources through meaningful partnership, local education and more. Our journey towards more sustainable water management, which centers on the power of collaborations of local and global scale, now includes being a founding member of Rivers are Life.


Introducing Rivers are Life

Rivers are Life is a platform for creating a human connection with rivers around the world, to inspire the need to protect, improve and preserve them. As a founding member of Rivers are Life, Dow can help accelerate impact.


Keepers of the North

The Rivers are Life film “Keepers of the North” showcases just one of the many ways that collaborators, including the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, can work together to make an impact and demonstrate scalable solutions.


Water & Waste

In our Seek Together podcast, representatives from the "Keepers of the North" project in Alaska discuss the value and fragility of our river systems. Tune in to hear how piloting circular models for waste can help us achieve a cleaner feature.