Specialized Lab Safety Topics Videos

The following modules will introduce the viewer to useful and practical information to enhance their understanding of laboratory hazards and best practices for reducing the hazards.

Fume Hood Basics

How to better understand fume hood operation and the benefits of conducting experiments in a laboratory fume hood.

Gas Cylinder User

Safety awareness and the proper handling of gas cylinders in the laboratory setting.

Glassware Handling

Proper techniques for safely handling glassware in the laboratory.

Mechanical Integrity

How to recognize, evaluate, and mitigate potential risks with laboratory equipment set-ups.

Vacuum Equipment

Safety awareness and proper use of vacuum equipment, vacuum pumps and vacuum apparatus in the laboratory.

Biological Hazards

The proper handling of biological agents in the laboratory.

Nanoparticle Safety

The proper handling and safety awareness of nanoparticles in the laboratory.


Considerations for the safe handling of cryogenic materials in the laboratory.


Considerations for the safe handling of pyrophoric materials in the laboratory.

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