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Innovating for a better world

Our approach to innovation starts with collaboration. We work alongside our customers to address their product challenges to enhance sustainability, performance and productivity. Our capabilities allow us to improve R&D productivity and accelerate product development, so we can help solve modern-day challenges for our customers and society.

Areas of expertise

Every day, we leverage our unmatched expertise, capabilities and global connections to invent the products, solutions and processes that will transform the world for the better.


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Analytical science

From atomic-level visualization to macroscale, from physical property testing to surface science, Dow’s world-class capabilities and researchers are second to none.

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Catalysis & synthesis

C&S possesses an unprecedented ability to link structure and property relationships of polymers to open and expand new applications, allowing Dow to develop higher-performing, more sustainable polymers, products and processes.

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Digital and Computation

We aim to create breakthroughs benefiting business growth, customer experience and operational simplicity by harnessing the power of digital innovation at the intersection of existing and emerging capabilities. Our expertise in digitalization and computation includes initiatives such as predictive intelligence, machine learning and smart search.

 A close up of a sheet of glass on metal rollers

Engineering science

From lab to production line, we’re experts in converting discoveries into products made in the largest commercial production plants in the world. From specialized active ingredients to commodities, we know how to scale up and engineer.

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Formulation science

Scientists partner with innovators in a variety of market segments – including coatings, food and packaging, building and industry, personal care, consumer and electronics, mobility and transportation, and health and hygiene, among others – to develop signature technologies to address customer and societal challenges.

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High throughput capabilities

State-of-the-art material synthesis combines with informatics and data analysis to deliver thousands of highly automated experiments simultaneously, accelerating time to market.

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Materials engineering & modeling

We predict properties of new products or processes, enabling more rapid production of revolutionary new materials.

 A close up of a sheet of glass on metal rollers


More than 89% of our R&D portfolio is aligned to Dow’s sustainability areas of focus: Climate Protection, Circular Economy and Safer Materials. We excel at applying science to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, supported by lifecycle analyses to make informed, science-based decisions that benefit people and the planet.

Working together

We openly collaborate with customers, communities, universities, governments, suppliers, brand owners and other value chain partners in pursuit of the next innovations for a sustainable future.

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Dow is an active supporter and participant in chemical trade associations and professional organizations around the world aimed at promoting the importance of chemistry. Through financial funding, executive leadership, technical expertise and sharing of best practices, Dow is leading the advancement of chemistry solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

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Dow collaborates with universities worldwide to develop and train the next-generation workforce. Dow actively recruits new hires from universities, as well as sponsors and partners in research to develop breakthrough technologies through enhanced understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry, chemical engineering, material science and advanced manufacturing.

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Dow works with governments and agencies worldwide supporting the development of responsible laws, regulations, standards, practices and procedures that safeguard the community, the workplace and the environment. We also collaborate with government labs on research to develop the next-generation answers to societal challenges.

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Non-governmental organizations

Dow impacts global and social challenges through ongoing and active partnerships with influential NGOs to share information, develop research initiatives, collaborate on world-changing solutions, and find common ground on key science and sustainabilty issues.

molecular chain

Dow scientists develop a novel polyethylene (PE) architecture

This differentiated long-chain branched PE offers asset flexibility and the potential for reduced carbon emissions in industry scale polyethylene production. Science recently published a technical paper on this discovery.

Safety at Dow

Safety is Dow’s top priority and an integral part of the culture at Dow. It is woven deeply into every decision we make about workplace and laboratory resources and processes. Our commitment to safety is fundamentally based on the belief that organizational culture and systemic employee engagement can help prevent accidents before they happen. We’ve developed the Dow Lab Safety Academy to enhance the awareness of safe practices in academic research laboratories and to promote a safety-first mindset in the future workforce of the chemical industry. Get started with an overview of our Dow Lab Safety Academy.

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