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Innovating safer materials

A sustainable future can’t be achieved without considering chemistry – the foundation upon which countless products are built. Because more than 96% of the world’s manufactured goods are enabled by chemistry, it has unlimited potential to bring value to our society and the environment. At Dow, we envision a future where every product we bring to market is sustainable.

Our approach

We listen to our customers and the value chain to drive sustainable innovation. In all we do, we seek to exceed environmental regulations and customers’ expectations.

Evaluating our product portfolio

We embed sustainability and safety evaluations in our innovation process, starting in the research & development phase. In addition, we continually assess the safety of our existing product portfolio.

Our actions

  • In 2019, we completed a chemical portfolio assessment to set business strategies for sustainable product innovation, material substitution or product stewardship.
  • Our businesses use a risk prioritization tool to assess and minimize adverse effects of a product through its life cycle.

    Innovating sustainable materials of tomorrow

    We’re working with our customers and value chain partners to develop products that are more sustainable but maintain or exceed performance.

    Our actions


    • As part of our effort to innovate more sustainable alternatives, CANVERA™ Polyolefin Dispersions provides food and beverage brand owners with a replacement for epoxy coating systems, made from polyolefin resins and without use of BPA and other materials of concern to consumers and regulators.

                    CANVERA™ Polyolefin Dispersions

    • Dow PRIMAL™ Bio-based Acrylic Emulsion are produced with carbon from plants to replace significant amounts of petroleum-sourced material, which leads to a higher renewable carbon content. These polymers not only enable the formulated paints to get USDA Bio-based Certification, but also offer excellent properties with ultra-low odor, low VOC, low emission and formaldehyde abatement function. This can effectively improve indoor air quality, which consumers value for healthier living.

    Promoting open and transparent chemistry

    We’re committed to advancing transparent chemistry with our value chain partners, customers and the public.

    Our actions

    • We are collaborating with Beyond Benign to advance The Green Chemistry Commitment and Toxicology for Chemists curriculum with university partners for higher education.
    • In 2019, we were awarded the 2019 Sustainability Champion Award from Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) for leadership in value chain outreach and efforts to advance the development of sustainable materials.
    • We are conducting our Product Stewardship Academy in Africa and the Middle East to proactively engage our customers to increase product safety knowledge and safe material handling.

      Our goals

      We are engaging with stakeholders to advance the development and adoption of sustainable materials and practices as part of our Safe Materials for a Sustainable Planet 2025 Sustainability Goal.
      To learn more about our policy on chemical management and our product stewardship program, visit the Market & Solutions section on
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      2025 Sustainability Goals

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      CANVERA Polyolefin Dispersions for Sustainable Can Coating