Areas of Expertise

Dow grows through innovation – creating the products, solutions and processes of tomorrow. We practice the fundamentals of R&D – with deep expertise, capabilities and networks that are unparalleled in the industry. Below is a high level look at some of our areas of expertise.

Analytical Science

From atomic level visualization to macro scale physical property testing to surface science, Dow’s world-class capabilities and researchers are second to none. No analytical problem is too difficult. Expertise in 100+ techniques, including:

  • Atomic-level visualization
  • Detailed elemental analysis
  • Bio-analytical testing
  • Macro scale physical and material property testing
  • Surface and microscopy
  • Direct access to National Labs

Catalysis & Synthesis

Unprecedented ability to link structure and property relationships of polymers to open and expand new applications. Developing higher performing, more sustainable polymers, products and processes.

Engineering Science

From lab to production line, Dow has expertise in converting discoveries into products made in the largest commercial production plants in the world. From specialized active ingredients to commodities, we know how to scale up and engineer.

Formulation Science

Scientists partner with customers in a variety of market segments including Coatings, Personal Care, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food and Packaging among others to develop differentiated technologies that enable long term growth.

High Throughput Capabilities

State-of-the-art material synthesis combined with informatics and data analysis that delivers 1000s of highly automated experiments simultaneously -- accelerating time to market.

Materials Engineering & Modeling

Ability to predict properties of new products or processes enabling more rapid production of revolutionary new materials.