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World Water Day 2023

Accelerating change through action and collaboration


We all depend on water. Yet growing populations and climate change are intensifying the problems of water stress and scarcity worldwide. At Dow, we envision a water-secure world where communities, business and nature prosper, with abundant access to clean water.

Recognizing that water is a shared and finite resource, we are working to accelerate water stewardship in our own operations and to innovate water-saving products. We also are collaborating to build resiliency in our supply chain and in the communities and ecosystems where we operate. Discover how we are taking action to accelerate change.

Equipment digs to gain access damaged water lines

Water for all, all for water


Dow’s Carrie Houtman shares how we are broadening our vision and ambition around water and integrating it across our operations, so every employee can play a part in our water stewardship strategy.

portion of World Water Day infographic about being a water steward

 Everyone can be a water steward


How can we play a role in building water resiliency? Find ideas on how each of us can contribute to a water-smart future.

Dow's St. Charles Operations facility

Pledging to act


As a member of the CEO Water Mandate’s Water Resilience Coalition, we have committed to support the UN SDG Movement on Water, which aims to accelerate actions to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation.

small stream in a forest

Rivers are Life


Dow and Rivers are Life have co-created a platform to help highlight our human connection with rivers around the world and inspire the need to preserve and restore them. Together, Dow and Rivers are Life aim to support 1,000 projects, big and small, to make a collective global impact on river ecosystems.

Gloria hugs a volunteer

Helping families access affordable water


Long-term, affordable access to safe water at home is critical to families in Mexico. Dow is working with Water.org to help connect families with a dependable water supply through affordable financing.

reverse osmosis unit

A ripple effect


When an employee at our Coatings plant in Kankakee, IL, questioned why water leftover from reverse osmosis couldn’t be diluted and reused, it led to a simple, cost-effective solution that is a win for Dow, a win for the environment and a win for the city of Kankakee.

recyclable material going through a tumbler

Recycling plastics, reusing water


To enable the transition to a circular economy, the waste value chain is challenged with increasing quality and consistency in recycled products. Find out how our EVOWASH™ Detergents and Antifoams are delivering high-quality recycled plastic while maximizing the reuse of process water.

roll of label stickers

Collaborating with our supply chain to save resources


Understanding that our impact doesn’t end at our fenceline, we are working with suppliers to find ways to save resources, including water. As a result, we are uncovering ways to save on water, carbon and waste in unexpected places – such as package labeling.