World Water Day 2020: Collaborating for Water

Water and climate change are inextricably linked. The effects of climate change are making water availability less predictable in many communities, and impacting the water quality in other places. To preserve shared water resources, collaboration is the only option. We invite you to read how Dow is working with a wide range of partners to improve the efficiency of our own operations in water-scarce areas, protect water resources at the watershed level and help restore ecosystems to build climate resilience.

Turning Water-Resilient Practices into Business as Usual

Dow joins other leading companies in launching the Water Resilience Coalition, pledging to save water in our operations and enable water-resilient value chains.

Everyone Has a Role to Play

Take action and choose one thing you can do in your daily life to help conserve water.

Recycling Water in Water-Stressed Communities

By reusing municipal wastewater in our operations in Spain, there’s more water for everyone. In fact, our water savings add up to 310 million gallons of river water a year.

It Takes a Village to Protect Michigan’s Largest Watershed

For more than two decades, Dow has supported the Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network, which takes a collaborative approach to conserving and improving Michigan’s largest watershed.

Helping Restore North America’s Amazon

In support of its Official Carbon Partnership with the International Olympic Committee, Dow is working with Restore our Earth Foundation to replant 200 acres of native bald cypress trees to help revitalize North America’s Amazon.

Finding Ways for Business and Nature to Work Together

We’re working with The Nature Conservancy in and around our most water-stressed sites to identify and implement watershed-level projects aimed at improving water quality and quantity.

Racing for Awareness

Sponsored by Dow, NASCAR driver Austin Dillon with Richard Childress Racing is making a splash on World Water Day in Miami by teaming up with Keep America Beautiful.

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