World Water Day 2023: Project and Information

Protecting a hidden resource: our groundwater with World Water Day

Groundwater is a vital but hidden natural resource that benefits all our lives. Found in the pores and fractures in sand, gravel and other rock, it supplies drinking water, helps grow our food and is a key component in many industrial processes. It also is a source of recharge for lakes, rivers and wetlands.

That’s why protecting and conserving groundwater is critical. At Dow, we’re taking a holistic approach to water stewardship that considers our operations but also the ecosystems in the communities near our operations. See how we’re continually asking – then acting on – how we can collaborate and innovate to create a positive water impact and improve water savings.

Our commitment to water projects, passions, and collaboration.
World Water Day is a reality check for us. A moment to consider our environmental impact, global water shortages, and how we're coming together to battle the effects of climate changes.
steam rises above a rock with water flowing
How can nature-based solutions help conserve groundwater?

Groundwater is intimately connected with land use. See how Dow is taking an ecosystem approach to building water resilience in and around our most water-stressed areas and developing tools to help evaluate and sustainably manage ecosystems.

chart with ways to conserve water
How can you help protect groundwater?

Learn eight ways you can make a difference in conserving and protecting groundwater – then choose one and start today.

Equipment digs to gain access damaged water lines
How can we help keep clean drinking water flowing?

Bursting pipes. Leaks. Aging infrastructure. Older pipes across the world are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Find out how Dow stepped in to help restore water to rural Texas towns after a historic freeze damaged aging water mains.

underground water storage for farmers
How can creating alternative freshwater resources save water for everyone?

Take a look at how Dow Terneuzen and local farmers are working through Fresh4Cs to implement underground water storage for dryer seasons.

A swamp with trees covered in moss
How can restoring wetlands help mitigate the effects of climate change?

Dow is collaborating with a wide variety of partners to restore wetlands in the Mississippi River watershed – supporting flooding protection, nutrient reduction, sediment deposition, access to safe water and biodiversity.

control room full of tanks and valves
How can digitization help conserve water?

See how technology is helping with our decision-making around water usage at two of our key water-stressed sites.

tea garden
How can science and innovation transform mine water to water our crops?

Find out how the use of a Dow scale inhibitor is helping a Chinese thermal power plant effectively treat millions of gallons of water annually.

On the frontlines
What does valuing water mean to you? We asked that question of Dow people who are on the frontlines of implementing the company’s water strategy. See what they had to say.
Overhead view of the bend in a river
France Guertin

Global Technical Leader for Nature-based Solutions

Picture of wetlands
Cornelis Groot

Global Technical Leader for Water

Person standing in ankle deep water with pants rolled up
Esma Talu

Marketing Manager and Sustainability Leader for Dow Industrial Solutions

Video screengrab
Nattada Boonmung

Improvement Engineer, Map Ta Phut, Thailand