World Water Day 2021: Collaborating for water

Water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century, affecting every continent and nearly half the world’s population. As the demand for water grows worldwide, so does the need for all of us to conserve, reuse and recycle water. To preserve shared resources, collaboration is the only option. We invite you to read how Dow is working to improve the efficiency of our own operations, protect water resources at the watershed level and help restore ecosystems that contribute to water quality, storm protection and climate resilience.

On the Frontlines

What does valuing water mean to you? We asked that question of Dow people who are on the frontlines of implementing the company’s water strategy. See what they had to say.

Our commitment to water projects, passions, and collaboration.
World Water Day is a reality check for us. A moment to consider our environmental impact, global water shortages, and how we're coming together to battle the effects of climate changes.
How can dyeing cotton apparel be more sustainable?

Using ECOFAST™ Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment can reduce the water needed to dye cotton by up to 50%. This technology will power the recently introduced Color on Demand platform from Ralph Lauren – a revolutionary cotton dyeing system with a clear ambition to deliver the world’s first scalable zero wastewater cotton dyeing system.

How can I take action to value water?

Water is the source of life, and valuing it starts with each of us. Ideas you can use in your daily life to help conserve water.

Recycling water in water-stressed communities

By reusing municipal wastewater in our operations in Spain, there’s more water for everyone. In fact, ourwater savings add up to 310 million gallons of riverwater a year.

It takes a village to protect Michigan’s largest watershed

For more than two decades, Dow has supported the Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network, which takesa collaborative approach to conserving and improving Michigan’s largest watershed.

Helping restore North America’s “Amazon”

In support of its Official Carbon Partnership with the International Olympic Committee, Dow is working with Restore the Earth Foundation to replant 400 acres of native bald cypress tress to help revitalize North America’s Amazon.

Finding ways for business and nature to work together

We’re working with The Nature Conservancy in and around our most water-stressed sites to identify and implement watershed-level projects aimed at improving water quality and quantity.

Valuing water: Making it a business and human priority

As part of the CEO Water Mandate, Dow is committed to advancing water stewardship within our own operations and to working collaboratively to enhance water management at the watershed level.