Dow people worldwide directly apply their passion and expertise to advance the well-being of people and the planet.

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Employee passion and talent are the force behind every philanthropic engagement. Traditional and skills-based volunteerism activities demonstrate the compassion of Dow and Dow people to get engaged, and give our stakeholders and communities a glimpse into the values that drive every action the company takes.

Employees apply their talents and passions to community challenges via Dow Corps, the company’s overarching program for all types of employee engagement and volunteerism. Dow Corps brings together traditional and skills-based employee engagement programs to focus on priorities that are aligned to Dow’s Global Citizenship efforts and the Engaging Employees for Impact goal. It is based on the premise that employees thrive when they see that their work is central to the company and the community – work that impacts both the bottom line and the greater good. Dow Corps offers two employee engagement routes:

Traditional Volunteerism – employees dedicate their time to lend a helping hand on a variety of projects ranging from building homes on a Habitat for Humanity construction project, to delivering food to people in need, to cleaning a park, to volunteering at a community event.

Skills-based Volunteerism – employees apply specific expertise, talent, professional skills and knowledge to help improve the lives of people around the world. Projects range from teaching new farming techniques to citizens in a third-world country, to working with teachers and students on specialized science activities, to implementing Dow technology to deliver safe drinking water to an entire community. In this realm, employees apply their expertise in the area of business, engineering, accounting, supply chain, information technology and a host of other skills and competencies.

Our key performance indicator is the sum of people whose sustainable development challenges have been positively impacted.

Graph of people positively impacted

A critical component of this 2025 Sustainability Goal is tracking impact. It is vital that employees, businesses and sites track employee engagement activity.

Tracking presents a unique challenge for Dow employees and sites. The methodology for doing this effectively is the work of a dedicated I/T team, which is expected to have a tool in place by mid-2016. While we await the final tracking tool, the employees should implement interim tracking measures.

interim tracking measures

  • Inputs: What goes in? - Cash, time, in-kind, management cost
  • Outputs: What comes out? - Community benefits, number of people reached, activities held
  • Outcomes: What is the result? - Effect of the program, short and long-term outcomes
  • Impact: What is the value? - Community impacts, social change; change in beneficiaries, organizations and/or society; change in business performance Milestones

At Dow, our employees are the heart of everything our company does and makes – and will continue to be at the heart of how we move forward in achieving our 2025 Goals, especially Engaging Employees for Impact.

Dow employees, who use their skills and talents through Dow Corps, will enable sustainable development one individual and one community at a time, all over the world.

Through this goal, Dow will positively impact the lives of people through Dow Corps projects, which will enable us to:

  • Positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by 2025 through the efforts of Dow employees worldwide.
  • Deliver 700 projects and achieve 8 percent work force participation and 400,000 hours of engagement through Dow Corps projects related to community well-being; increasing food productivity and preventing waste; water access and reuse; and energy efficiency and affordable housing.
  • Positively impact students and teachers through STEM Ambassadors, a program where employees take their real-world career experiences and knowledge into the classroom, exposing students and teachers to STEM through career discussions, hands-on activities and project-based learning. Through this effort, STEM Ambassadors will engage 10 percent of the work force through 600,000 hours of engagement Recent Success
  • In 2015, 42 Dow employees worked for more than 8,100 hours to address critical community needs in Indonesia as part of a leadership development program.
  • Continuing a 33-year commitment in 2015, Dow added builds in four new countries, with first-time builds in Ethiopia, Argentina, Colombia and Nepal, increasing support to a total of 30 countries since its partnership with Habitat began in 1983.
  • • More than 500 employees took on the fight against hunger by distributing more than 6,000 lbs. of fresh produce through the Hunger Solutions Network.
  • Visit Dow’s Global Citizenship website to read more about recent successes