Safe Materials for a Sustainable Planet

We envision a future where every material we bring to market is sustainable for people and our planet.

Measuring our progress

We are committed to demonstrating the value of chemistry and materials science to society and improving the way the world understands and considers science in decision-making to maximize benefits to businesses, society and the planet. We are making progress toward this vision by innovating sustainable materials of tomorrow, leading candid conversations about product safety, and committing to the advancement of open and transparent chemistry with our value chain partners, customers and the public.

Our metrics

Sustainable Materials of Tomorrow

  • Implement 10 innovative alternatives.
  • Promote participation by all Dow businesses, track recognition and report externally.
  • Implement a chemicals policy; eliminate 10 priority compounds.
  • Develop risk-based safety assessments and contribute to external regulatory paradigms.

Leading a Candid Conversation

  • Define and maintain Dow’s product safety story.
  • Develop 10 courageous collaborations to accelerate product safety.
  • Develop and implement Product Stewardship Academies in emerging regions.

Providing Unprecedented Transparency

  • Define and communicate the base data set for product manufacture and use.
  • Advance transparency beyond regulatory-driven Safety Data Sheets for all Dow products.
  • Share 10 examples of products/applications not pursued.

Recent highlights

  • Completed a Chemical Portfolio Assessment in 2019 to set up a sustainable materials strategy
  • Awarded the 2019 Sustainability Champion Award from Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) for leadership in value chain outreach and efforts to advance the development of sustainable materials.
  • Expanded our Product Stewardship Academy in Africa and the Middle East to proactively engage our customers to increase product safety knowledge and safe material handling.
  • Recognized with a 2019 Shanghai Government Science and Technology Award for our contribution to helping advance China’s approaches to risk management evaluations and enhance environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Collaborated with Beyond Benign and universities to advance two higher education programs – The Green Chemistry Commitment and Toxicology for Chemists – centered around green chemistry theory and practice.