2025 Sustainability Goal: Safe Materials for a Sustainable Planet

We envision a future where every material we bring to market is sustainable for our people and our planet.

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A sustainable future can’t be achieved without considering chemistry – the foundation upon which countless products are built. More than 96 percent of the world’s manufactured goods are enabled by chemistry, and the potential of chemistry to bring social and environmental value is limitless.

As populations rise, and resources diminish, societies across the globe need to find new ways to balance economic progress with sustainability. One of the great challenges of our time is reconciling the needs of a growing population for food, clean water and energy with our planet’s limited resources. Innovations based on chemistry and materials science play an important role in answering these challenges.

By focusing on solutions based in science and focused on humanity, we believe we can make a difference. Everyday our people are working at the intersections of the sciences to generate value for business, humanity and the environment.

Through strong collaboration and innovation at the intersections of chemistry, biology and physics, Dow scientists are working to deliver the value our customers want and the solutions the world needs.

Our actions are guided by our 2025 Sustainability Goals, through which we seek to redefine the role of business in society and build a world where sustainability an inherent way of development. By successfully reaching our 2025 Goals, we will help lead the transition to a sustainable planet and society beyond what one organization can do alone.

With our 2025 Safe Materials for a Sustainable Planet Goal, Dow is committed to demonstrating the value of chemistry and materials science to society and improving the way the world understands and considers science in decision-making to maximize benefits to businesses, society and the planet. We are making progress toward this vision by innovating sustainable materials of tomorrow, leading candid conversations about product safety, and committing to the advancement of open and transparent chemistry with our value chain partners, customers and the public.

We invite you to learn more about our progress and welcome your feedback.

Measuring our Progress

Sustainable Materials of Tomorrow: Under this goal element we commit to launching sustainable materials that address chemistries or applications that are viewed as sustainably challenged. This will be achieved by creating a road-map for innovating sustainable materials and collaborating internally and externally to drive the development and adoption of safe and sustainable materials.

  • Develop an internal sustainable materials strategy to help guide Dow’s innovation.
  • Implement ten innovative sustainable alternatives by 2025
  • Develop advanced risk-based safety assessments that support the innovation of safe materials

Leading a Candid Conversation: With this goal element we will engage internal and external to Dow to advance the conversation on product safety to support safe material handling practices and the development of sound regulatory paradigms.

  • Develop and implement Product Stewardship Academies in emerging regions.
    • By 2025, academies will be launched in 10 countries covering 3 regions (e.g. Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America)
  • Develop 10 Collaborations to advance the conversation on product safety
  • Define and maintain Dow’s Product Safety Story

Open and Transparent Chemistry: Identify and Implement a plan that enables chemical transparency for business value chains

  • Develop a disclosure/transparency portal to meet value chain needs
  • Openly share 10 cases where we did not pursue an opportunity due to product safety concerns
Recent Success
  • Product Stewardship Academy: Dow Initiated the Product Stewardship Academy to promote product safety, with outreach in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana. Our company received a Responsible Care Award for the launch and impact of our program.
  • LAUNCH Chemistry Award: Dow’s award-winning submission highlighted our efforts to develop databases of acute toxicity data for use in predictive safety assessments and sustainable chemistry innovations.
  • EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year: In 2017, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Dow Chemical as a Safer Choice Partner of the Year for outstanding achievement in 2016 for the design, manufacture, and promotion of cleaning products that carry the Safer Choice label for use in households and facilities nationwide.