2025 Sustainability Goal: Safe Materials for a Sustainable Planet

We envision a future where every material we bring to market is sustainable for our people and our planet.

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Chemistry helps us solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. More than 96 percent of the world’s manufactured goods are enabled by chemistry, and the potential of chemistry to bring social and environmental value is limitless. With this Goal, we will demonstrate the value of chemistry to society, improving the ways the world understands and considers chemistry in decision-making to maximize benefits to businesses, society and the planet.

By 2025, Dow will increase confidence in the safe use of chemical technology through transparency, dialogue, unprecedented collaboration, research and our own actions. We want to understand and address the increasing concerns about the safe use of chemicals. We are committed to working with consumers, brand owners, retailers, researchers, regulators and the industry to create solutions that will increase confidence and an appreciation of the important role chemical technology plays in transitioning to a sustainable planet and society. To do so, we’re committed to telling the story of the positive power of chemistry. We’ll also advance transparency in and understanding around chemical technology, while developing safer and more sustainable products.

Multiple, simultaneous approaches will drive us to reach this Goal. We will leverage research to develop new methods to understand chemical risk and prevent it. We will bring safe products to market faster, more efficiently and with tools and data to enhance confidence in their long-term sustainability. Through regulatory advocacy and product stewardship, we will engage with governments and others to foster chemical safety through appropriate regulation and industry product stewardship. Collaborations will be formed across the value chain to promote product safety and transparency and build an understanding of the positive impact of chemical technology. We will also implement education and communication programs, internally and externally, to enhance understanding around the critical role of chemistry in our everyday lives.

Dow will achieve value chain and stakeholder support for the safe use of chemical technology to solve global challenges. Our key performance indicator is a measured level of support among key value chain and stakeholder representatives.


  • Over the next 10 years, we will strive to achieve 100 percent support for the safe use of chemical technology among key stakeholder groups.
  • Dow will work with nonprofit, businesses and government partners to develop cutting-edge, predictive toxicology and exposure modeling capabilities. These will be applied routinely to new and existing Dow product lines.
    • We will integrate these predictive methods into 100 percent of new product safety assessments.
    • Predictive toxicology approaches will be applied to reduce Dow’s use of animals in testing by 30 percent.
    • Predictive methods will be applied to reduce time-to-market for new products, yielding $0.5 billion in net present value.
    • We will establish a nonprofit collaborative organization to promote dialogue, seek input and increase the application of predictive safety assessments.
  • Dow will work with strategic partners to advance the development of sound chemical regulations and promote product stewardship understanding and practices within our industry and value chain.
  • Dow will form or join value chain collaborations (upstream and downstream) in strategic markets to promote transparency and traceability.
  • We will support the development of an increasingly chemistry literate society through our commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education, utilizing the passion and expertise of our trained employee volunteers, Dow STEM Ambassadors.
Recent Success

With our 2015 Sustainability Goals, we set out to use chemistry to advance sustainability and increase support among key value chain and stakeholder representatives. As a result, we achieved:

  • Community Education and Engagement - A 25 percent increase in average Community Acceptance Ratings for all Dow sites surveyed since 2005.
  • Product Safety Communication and Transparency – We published Product Safety Assessments (PSAs) covering 99% of Dow’s annual revenue. All of Dow’s 149 High-Priority Chemicals are now covered by a PSA.