Valuing Nature

Dow applies business decision processes to complete projects that increase business value and are better for ecosystems.

Measuring our progress

Our most important partnership is our partnership with nature. That’s why Dow applies a business decision process that values nature and natural capital through projects that are good for the company and good for ecosystems. The way we’ve considered nature in the decision-making across our global business, on the scale of our 2025 Sustainability Goals, has never been done before. These goals will create new value for Dow and for society, by helping companies understand and value the benefits that nature can provide to their bottom lines.

Our metrics

  • By 2025, Dow will deliver $1 billion in NPV through business-driven projects that enhance nature.
  • By 2020, Dow will screen all capital and real estate project, business development and new products for potential benefit and impacts.

Recent highlights

  • Dow published the Blueprint for Valuing Nature, as part of its 2025 Sustainability Goals.
  • Dow has achieved more than $500 million, mostly through avoided costs, toward its goal of creating $1 billion by 2025 for the company by valuing nature in business decisions.
  • The ESII tool, developed with The Nature Conservancy and Ecometrix Solutions Group, assesses ecosystem services rapidly and cost-effectively in order to identify and incorporate the value of nature into business decision-making.
  • The conversion of a former coal ash landfill in Midland, Michigan, into a functional habitat saves the company money and provides critical ecosystem services to the site and the downtown Midland area.
  • In January, 2021, Dow and The Nature Conservancy celebrated 10 years of collaborating on the business case for nature.