Before They Were Scientists, Our Researchers Were Star Wars Fans,
Indie Musicians and Team Captains

Thick glasses. White, frizzy hair. Lab coat. Bubbling test tube. Nerdy guy.

While science has transformed the world, our image of scientists hasn’t transformed as quickly. When students are invited to describe a scientist, often what they depict closely resembles what students would have described 60 years ago, when anthropologist Margaret Mead and a colleague came up with what we now call the “draw a scientist” test.

Recent studies have shown that stereotypes of scientists continue to persist, across a range of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. However, there are signs of progress; new data show more students – especially girls – are now drawing female scientists. Plus, there is evidence that meeting a real-life scientist can positively impact how students view scientists.

With that in mind, we invite you to meet some of Dow’s more than 7,000 scientists. Their curiosity and creativity fuel the Company’s growth and help solve complex global challenges, from clean water to clean energy.

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that most of our researchers say they loved science as kids. But you may be surprised to know they also were Star Wars fans, led their high school basketball and tennis teams, played in indie bands and dabbled in art.

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