With Dow Technology, Fried Foods Don’t “Batter” the Diet

Dow Is Using Science to Make Food Healthier From Farm to Fork

For many people, fighting the temptation of a warm basket of French fries fresh from the deep fryer is a losing battle. Add some salt and ketchup, and pair it with a few fried chicken wings, and even the most health-conscious among us will soon be left with an empty plate and greasy fingers – and feeling a bit guilty.

But what if it were possible to enjoy fried food with less worry? With WELLENCE™ Smart Fry Stabilizer, Dow is making this a reality. When added to a batter or coating system, it acts as an oil barrier during frying, helping reduce calories from fat and oil by as much as 35 percent. And it does this while maintaining fried food’s delicious flavor and satisfying crunch.

WELLENCE™ technologies are just one way Dow is using science to improve how food is grown, packaged and prepare...ocessors meet our evolving nutritional needs. In grocery aisles, our innovative, lightweight packaging materials ensure food stays fresher, helping to reduce food waste.

“Our people are working at the intersections of the sciences to create innovations that will support the growth in food production and conservation that are needed to feed the world’s expanding population,” says Andrew N. Liveris, Dow’s chairman and chief executive officer.

Ultimately, these Dow innovations are helping address food scarcity and safety challenges around the world, while combating lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. And they even help us continue to enjoy “sinful” treats, like French fries, in a way that fits tastefully into healthier diets.

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