Earth Day 2019

Guided by our 2025 Sustainability Goals, we are collaborating toward a greener future where scientific innovation and sustainability support each other. We believe in working together with businesses, governments and communities to help solve the critical natural resource challenges that the earth faces today. We invite you to join us on Earth Day – and every day – to protect our planet.

Respecting & Celebrating Science

Earth is experiencing an unprecedented rate of species extinction -- second only to the dinosaur extinction 60 million years ago. That’s why this year’s Earth Day theme is “Protect our Species.”

Pulling Our Weight

Last year, our employees were challenged to pick up at least 4 pounds of waste. In a matter of just a few months, we’ve removed 54,000 pounds of trash from beaches and waterways – and we’re just getting started.

Stemming the Tide

At least 267 species are impacted by ocean waste, including 86% of sea turtle species, 44% of seabird species and 43% of marine mammal species. See how Dow is collaborating to help stem the tide of plastic waste.

Green Means Cleaner

Green infrastructure supports biodiversity and improves water and air quality. Find out how Dow is using nature-based solutions at its sites to bring value to our business and the environment.

Combating Climate Change

How can sports and science impact climate change? Dow’s partnership with the International Olympic Committee shows how collaboration and innovation and help communities from all over the globe transition to a low-carbon economy.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Sustainability Leaders

Find out how Dow is working with WE to help build up the next generation of sustainability leaders by challenging students to use science to solve local and global problems.

Protecting and Preserving Nature

Many People don’t think that “manufacturing” and “nature” should be in the same sentence. And yet Dow worksites are home to a variety of species, even some that are protected. There are six Dow worksites that are certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council’s Corporate Wildlife Habitat Certification Program.

Our Planet, Our Responsibility

Mangroves serve as the biological buffers between land and sea. Much of the world’s fish population inhabits mangroves at some point in their life. Find out how and why Dow is helping to protect these sensitive ecosystems.

Earth Day is Every Day

What can we do to reduce our impact on Mother Earth? This infographic will spark some ideas. Remember, protection starts with us.

Reducing and Reusing in the Built Environment

Building a more sustainable world means being intentional about design, being more intentional about the way we manufacture and build, how our structures will be maintained and modernized, and then reused or recycled.

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