One future, together

To help restore our Earth and deliver a sustainable future, Dow is partnering with like-minded stakeholders to help solve the global environmental challenges that our society faces together. These collaborations focus on critical issues to our planet and our business: climate change, the circular economy, safer materials and biodiversity. From smaller Earth day activities to larger climate change initiatives, we invite you to join us on Earth Day 2021 – and every day – to protect our planet.

The role of climate literacy in building back a better planet

With Earth Day in the spotlight, our Chief Sustainability Officer Mary Draves discusses how accelerating a lower-carbon future is possible through investing in an often-overlooked resource — people. Learn why building environmental literacy can help advance climate innovation and advance a net-zero economy. 

Earth Day 2021 – A message from CSO Mary Draves

When it comes to building a sustainable tomorrow, we’re all in this together. This Earth Day, be a changemaker. One future, together.

The Nature Conservancy and Dow 2017-2020 progress report

Find out how The Nature Conservancy and Dow are taking steps to promote the adoption of nature-based solutions as best practices and industry standards.

10 years of valuing nature: a conversation with TNC

A decade ago, two unlikely partners – a materials science company and a leading conservation association – partnered to discover how businesses could better value nature. Jennifer Molnar of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) discusses how TNC’s collaboration with Dow has evolved and resulted in easy-to-use tools that are being used by governments, businesses and organizations across the world. 

Recycling plastics, growing opportunity

Dow is helping to close the loop in recycling plastics in India by partnering with manufacturing company Lucro Plastecycle to produce new plastic films made with recycled content from locally collected, difficult-to-manage flexible plastic waste. 

Reducing embodied carbon together

The built environment is a major emitter of greenhouse gases. To help reduce operational carbon – the embodied carbon that buildings emit after the construction phase – Dow joined two leading industry associations to challenge architects and building owners to design and construct energy-efficient buildings. 

Committed to green chemistry education

Ever wonder how green chemistry can become the norm? By helping support the scientists of tomorrow. See how Dow is joining Beyond Benign to help ensure 25% of graduating U.S. chemists have a background in green chemistry by 2025. 

Creating China’s first “Milk Bottle Road”

Dow has teamed with dairy brand Shiny Meadow in China to construct a road made with recycled plastics from milk bottles, giving hard-to-recycle plastic a second life.

Collaborating across the value chain

Check out some of our key value chain collaborations to protect the climate, advance a circular economy, value nature and encourage safer materials.

10 things you can do on April 22, Earth Day

Celebrate World Earth Day 2021 by choosing Earth Day activities to help restore our Earth — even if it’s just one thing.