Circular economy iconAdvancing a Circular Economy

We will advance a circular economy by delivering solutions to close the resource loops in key markets.

Measuring our progress

We are engaged in the transition from a linear economy to one that redesigns, recycles, reuses and remanufactures to keep materials at their highest value use for as long as possible.

Our metrics:

  • Dow will collaborate to implement six major projects that deliver solutions and advance the circular economy. Our key performance indicator is the number of projects implemented.

Recent highlights

  • Defined the metrics for our businesses to communicate the circularity impact of projects. To date, Dow businesses have reported implementing more than 100 circular economy projects.
  • Made renewable and recyclable materials partnerships with Fuenix Ecogy Group and UPM Biofuels.
  • Launched Dow AGILITY™ CE, the first post-consumer recycled product in our plastics circularity portfolio.
  • Named to Fortune’s 2019 Change the World list for use of recycled plastics in roads.