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Dow delivers breakthrough sustainable chemistry innovations that advance the well-being of humanity.

Measuring our progress

We look across the life cycle of our products to ensure our innovations continue to improve, creating a world that is better because of our products. We are focused on increasing the net positive impact of our products, based upon knowledge of where our feedstocks and energy come from, our processes, how our products are used by customers, and how they are treated at end-of-life.

Our metrics:

  • Dow innovates to increase the positive impact of products across all markets such that the benefit to global sustainable development exceeds burdens.
  • Dow has transitioned the Sustainable Chemistry Index (SCI) to the Dow Innovation Portfolio Sustainability Assessment.
  • Dow experts continue to practice world-leading life cycle assessment (LCA) to meet business and customer needs.
  • Dow businesses set their own business-specific sustainability goals and track progress.
  • Dow has aligned >85% of its innovation portfolio to sustainability outcomes.
  • Dow has earned six 2021 Edison Awards for breakthrough technologies.

Recent highlights