2025 Sustainability Goals: Delivering Breakthrough Innovations

With more than 96 percent of all manufactured products enabled by chemistry, the solutions to sustainable development come down to the most basic elements in our universe. They come down to the power of chemistry. In the hands of Dow people, world challenges become a universe of opportunity. As part of our 2025 Sustainability Goals, Dow will deliver breakthrough sustainable chemistry innovations that advance the wellbeing of humanity.

Seeking Sustainability

Dow delivers innovative products that make the world better. We look across the life cycle of our products to insure our innovations continue to improve, creating a world that is better because of our products. Dow’s “Delivering Breakthrough Innovations Goal” is focused on increasing the net positive impact of our products, based upon knowledge of where our feedstocks and energy come from, our processes, how our products are used by customers, and how they are treated at end-of-life.

Dow’s Delivering Breakthrough Innovations Goal is focused on increasing our net positive impact, based on learnings about our sources (feedstock, energy, etc.) and processes, our products’ customer life-cycle and especially how they are treated after use.


  • Dow will innovate to increase the positive impact of products across all markets such that the benefit to global sustainable development exceeds burdens by four times.
  • Dow will be a leader in energy and CO2 footprint mitigation across multiple product lines ensuring a mitigation multiple of no less than 3:1. (In other words, Dow will achieve a ratio of benefits-to-burden of no less than 3:1.)
  • Dow will continue to improve its Sustainable Chemistry performance and report progress externally.
  • Dow businesses will set and achieve their own business-specific sustainability goals.
  • Dow will grow its life cycle analysis (LCA) expertise to meet business and customer needs.


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