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How can science help create a more sustainable world? It takes collaboration and innovation. At Dow, we’re working to deliver a sustainable future for the world by connecting and collaborating to find new options for materials that make life better for everyone.

Our first consolidated ESG Report is here

Did you know 80% of our R&D projects focus on climate protection, the circular economy, and safer materials? Or, that 48% of our 2020 sales were from products addressing world challenges? Find out how we’re working to advance sustainability priorities of our customers through R&D and materials science.

Our focus areas
We identified three focus areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference and drive industry-wide change. These global priorities represent areas where we are using our science, size and global relationships across our value chains to seek and create shared opportunity for Dow and society.
Climate protection

How do we work with our customers, the value chain and other stakeholders to contribute to a low-carbon economy? We’re using our technology and collaborative partnerships to innovate products and solutions that contribute to a lower-carbon economy.

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Circular economy

How do we make a world without waste possible? We are taking action to close the resource loop and stop waste across our business operations and encourage recycle and reuse globally.

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Safer materials

How do we ensure every material we bring to market is safer for people and planet? We’re using our materials science to innovate more sustainable innovations for our customers and the planet.

New targets

To accelerate our sustainability agenda, we’ve set multi-decade targets to put us on a path to achieve carbon neutrality and eliminate plastic waste.

2025 Sustainability Goals

Through our ambitious 2025 Sustainability Goals, we are seeking to help lead the transition to a more sustainable future.

Dow Sustainability reporting

Find out more about our environmental sustainability strategies and initiatives.

Plastics for a circular world

Through our three-part strategy, we are addressing plastic waste – one of the most important sustainability issues of our time.


We draw upon our materials science expertise and collaboration with our customers, academia and other stakeholders to produce innovative solutions that help the global community.

Science & sustainability news

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Dow sets targets to reduce GHG emissions, stop plastic waste, and drive toward a circular economy

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