Living out our ambition – a holistic response to COVID-19

Dow employees in warehouse with boxes ready to ship out to relief efforts

Throughout this pandemic, we remain steadfast in our core tenets as a company—finding new ways to adapt quickly, and using our ambition to unite and respond.

According to a Washington Post analysis of Google Trends data, more people are googling “how can I help” than at any other point since 2004 – as far back as Google’s data goes.

There’s a saying: there is strength in numbers. Dow’s brandline — Seek Together — recognizes this truth. It embodies our commitment to partnership and our belief that we are able to go further when we go together.

Google’s data bears out the spirit of collaboration we’ve all seen on display since the COVID-19 pandemic began: neighbors helping neighbors, manufacturers teaming up to retool processes and countries sending aid across borders, all with the common goal of rising up and persevering against this global threat together.

It also underscores the great potential in the power of one. It could take just one engineer’s idea to create the next life-saving technology... one citizen can activate an entire community by asking, “what if we did more?” ...and the effect of one person sharing their time and talents to sew facemasks for healthcare workers can have a significant impact on the well-being of others.

That’s why our response to the world’s needs during this pandemic are aimed at tapping into the creativity and passion of Dow people.

Our employees globally are taking to heart the needs they see around them and finding ways to personally contribute…passionately rallying together to use their skills and resources to make a difference. Together, we are committed to do our part to ensure our people and their families are safe; to find innovative solutions to complex issues; and to bring relief to our communities.

Living out our ambition: Global citizenship at Dow

Dow frontline employee holding raw material for hand sanitizer productionDuring these uncertain times, our ambition to become the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive and sustainable materials science company in the world provides a rallying cry for our team.

Dow’s approach to global citizenship and social impact addresses both immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts. Our response spans across the globe, from large-scale financial contributions and in-kind product donations, to technology advancements, support for our local partners in each of our communities and activating the skills of our employees.

We do this through partnerships and collaborations – uniting and working together across governments, industries, value chains and communities.




Together we can help

  • Innovative
    Leveraging Dow technology, expertise and innovation for social good, adapting operations and ramping up raw material production for critically needed products, including the development of a simplified, lightweight design for face shields to help protect healthcare professionals.
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  • Customer Centric
    Continuing to deliver for our customers, responding to their most-urgent needs and partnering for aid, including responding to a request from Cadillac Products for the donation of a new resin to aid in the production of more than 300 gowns an hour to be delivered to frontline healthcare workers.
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  • Inclusive
    Activating Team Dow and tapping into local partnerships to support vulnerable populations, including the creation of new ways for Dow employees to engage, like offering matching grants for employee donations in support of COVID relief.
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  • Sustainable
    Supporting resilient communities through local support and programming, like distributing an additional $500,000 in support of frontline workers, food and care for children, small businesses, and other emergency needs in Midland, Bay, Isabella and Saginaw counties.
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I am inspired by the passionate contributions of our employees and the collective strength of Team Dow. Throughout this pandemic, we remain steadfast in our core tenets as a company—finding new ways to adapt quickly, and using our ambition to unite and respond.

Fueled by a focus on serving all of our stakeholders, we are collaborating to apply our innovative technology, employee expertise and culture of inclusion to help bring relief to our communities across the world.


View Dow’s holistic response to COVID relief:


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Rebecca Bentley, Vice President, Dow Public Affairs