ESG priorities - an overview

Dow’s ESG report focuses on four strategic areas of action: Environmental Protection, Inclusion & Diversity, Community and Governance. These areas reflect how we are working as a team to deliver solutions to global challenges and create lasting value for our customers, communities, employees and businesses.

Environmental protection

Our strategy for building a more sustainable world focuses on three priority areas: circular economy, climate protection and safer materials. These areas address some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet and offer the most opportunity for Dow to use our science and global scale to make a positive impact. Our 2025 Sustainability Goals are the foundation of our efforts to help lead the transition to a sustainable planet and society. At our halfway point, we have made significant progress. Because today’s challenges continue to demand urgent action, we also announced ambitious targets in 2020 to advance a lower-carbon future and a world without waste. View progress on our 2025 Sustainability Goals and targets.

Accelerating our sustainability actions to tackle critical challenges

Inclusion & Diversity

Realizing our purpose and ambition as a company requires an inclusive culture that enables our people to develop, advance, be heard and contribute their greatest value. It requires a diverse workforce that brings wide-ranging, fresh perspectives on how to tackle global challenges and innovate for our customers. Inclusion is a powerful catalyst that accelerates customer-centricity, sustainability and innovation. This is why Inclusion & Diversity is embedded in our corporate strategy with key performance indicators and measures in place for effective, sustained performance. Learn more about Dow’s Inclusion 2020 goals, strategy and progress.

All IN

We will deliver concrete, visible and meaningful results globally by 2025 in key areas:


We believe in sustainable business that creates positive social change. Our Global Citizenship strategy is a road map for how we connect our core strengths – our science and technology expertise, and global reach and resources – to enhance the lives of people in our communities and help make our planet more sustainable. We do this through our charitable investments, engaging our employees for impact, and global and local partnerships. Learn more about our 2020 efforts and our approach to impacting communities. Track the progress we’ve made against our 2025 Engaging for Impact Sustainability Goal.


Best-in-class governance strengthens accountability and protects the long-term interests of all of Dow’s stakeholders. ESG leadership starts with our Board of Directors and extends throughout our enterprise. Across Dow, we are driving for increased transparency and accountability. In 2020, and again in 2021, we refreshed our Board of Directors with an emphasis on diverse thought and experience, and we set aggressive ESG targets. We reinforced accountability and transparency across the company by adding ESG metrics to our Executive Compensation and employee Performance Award programs. The inclusion component of the metrics, including Global ERG Participation, Global Representation of Women, and U.S. Ethnic Minority Representation, is part of the Performance Award program for senior leaders, including all executive leadership. The Board also actively engages with management in oversight and stewardship of the company’s strategy, risk management and overall performance.

Governance priority areas