Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure

Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure consists of two customer-centric global businesses – Industrial Solutions and Polyurethanes & Construction Chemicals – that develop important intermediate chemicals that are essential to manufacturing processes, as well as downstream, customized materials and formulations that use advanced development technologies. These businesses offer customers value-added sustainable solutions to enhance comfort, energy efficiency, product effectiveness and durability. Applications address a wide range of sectors, including home comfort and appliance, building and construction, and adhesives and lubricants, among others.

Enhancing value chain sustainability
Enabling energy efficiency in appliances

PASCAL™ Technology is a polyurethane system for appliance manufacturers that enables up to 10% greater energy efficiency while improving product line productivity.

Addressing water use & quality in cotton dyeing

ECOFAST™ Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment addresses key sustainability challenges in the industry by reducing process chemicals by up to 90% and water use by up to 50% in cotton dyeing.

Closing the loop on mattress waste

RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program works with the value chain to take discarded mattress foam and convert it back to a polyol that can be used to make new flexible or rigid foam products.

Helping meet near-zero energy standards

Building sandwich panels made with V PLUS PERFORM™ Insulation Technology provide better fire safety protection and contribute to near-zero energy standards in buildings.

Enabling solar energy

DOWTHERM™ A Heat Transfer Fluid is a thermally stable synthetic organic heat transfer fluid, designed to collect, transport and store heat in concentrated solar power systems.

Developing more sustainable alternatives for industrial cleaners

ECOSURF™ Surfactants are readily biodegradable. Many are on the U.S. EPA’s CleanGredient™ list. As a sustainable alternative, they contribute to Dow’s Safe Materials for a Sustainable Planet Goal.