Business segments and products (GRI 102-2, 102-6)

Dow conducts its worldwide operations through six global businesses that are organized into the following operating segments: Packaging & Specialty Plastics, Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure, and Performance Materials & Coatings. Our portfolio of plastics, industrial intermediates, coatings and silicones businesses delivers a broad range of differentiated science-based products and solutions in high-growth market segments, such as packaging, infrastructure, mobility and consumer care.

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Packaging & Specialty Plastics
We combine core strengths of R&D, global reach and broad product lines to deliver sustainable solutions for plastics and adhesives.

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Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure
Our customized materials and formulations for technologies that enhance home comfort, energy efficiency and durability.

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Performance Materials & Coatings
Our industry-leading franchises offer customers value-add, sustainable solutions in the consumer and infrastructure end markets.

Driving advances in mobility

The future of mobility is smart, clean and electric-powered. In 2020, we launched the Dow MobilityScience™ platform to focus our materials science capabilities and industry expertise on technologies and services that address the megatrends transforming the transportation industry.

These trends include:

E-mobility: Low-carbon emissions are the driving force behind the electric car. In 2019, sales of electric cars topped 2.1 million globally, accounting for a 40% year-on-year increase over 2018, according to the International Energy Agency. Our advanced materials are designed to contribute to lighter, long-lasting batteries for electric vehicles in important ways by addressing thermal management, reducing weight, and encapsulating components and sensors, for example.

Connectivity: The car of tomorrow has been referred to as the “ultimate mobile device,” as vehicle connectivity is surging. Our technologies are helping make 5G, touchscreens and display sensors more reliable, readable, affordable and responsive. One example is our DOWSIL™ electrically conductive materials, which shield against electromagnetic interference.

Autonomous: Pioneers in autonomous driving and vehicle design are requiring solutions to make advanced driver-assistance (ADAS) and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems, sensors and cameras more affordable, reliable and responsive. Our electrically conductive and thermally conductive silicone materials help bond, seal, protect, relieve stress, improve processing, boost performance and dissipate heat, among other benefits.