Supplier diversity

Supplier diversity evolves and grows despite global pandemic challenges

Although 2020 was an especially challenging year, Dow grew our Supplier Diversity program. We incorporated industry best practices, involved more individuals inside the company and reached out to peer companies to provide mentoring relationships. We conducted interviews with diverse suppliers to gain their perspective of the pandemic and its effect on their business, their experiences with Dow and their overall experiences as a diverse supplier.

In 2020, there was a strong focus on expanding the reach of our Supplier Diversity program and increasing our visibility and participation within the communities where we operate. The pandemic changed the way vendors and companies communicated and connected, with several activities shifting to virtual environments. As a result, Dow held Supplier Days@Dow around the world to discuss how to do business with Dow, match our needs with available supplier capabilities and maintain momentum. We also sponsored a pitch contest and joined local chambers of commerce groups to identify and establish relationships with diverse suppliers.

Key initiatives included:

  • Published a Supplier Diversity Playbook, a how-to guide about the program to enhance and increase Dow’s engagement with diverse suppliers.
  • Partnered with Certify My Company to offer consultation services and expand the number of certified diverse suppliers.
  • Continued to expand the program outside of the U.S., and hosted sessions in Latin America and Europe to foster supplier diversity relationships.

A graphic about Dow Supplier Diversity