Learning and development (GRI 404-1, 404-103)

Our world is changing at a pace never seen before. To continue to compete and lead, we need to think and act in new ways. A successful future for Dow and our employees will be built on a continuous learning environment. Throughout an employee’s career, the company supports people in their personal development through a mix of online and digital learning platforms, on-the-job training and a series of leadership development opportunities. Employees are encouraged to invest in themselves, and the technologies we deliver enable access to resources in real time through mobile applications.

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Dow issues training by role and not by gender. Gender statistics for learning are not within our learning system; however, as part of our process to close any diversity gaps for employee and leadership readiness, underrepresented individuals may be invited to specific trainings to increase the diversity pool.

Programs for upgrading employee skills (GRI 404-2)

Dow supports employee engagement through My HR Portal, an online people resource launched in 2019. My HR Portal allows all employees to access development resources, online internal job postings, compensation and benefit information, and health and wellness programs. Employees take advantage of these offerings to develop their careers, enhance their employee experience and plan for career changes. In addition, Dow supports lifelong learning through specific skill building efforts, externally licensed development tools and an internal talent review process focused on differentiated development.

Examples of development resources include:

  • Diamond Learning, a learning management system for tailored learning curricula aligned to role responsibilities and personal development
  • Total health, nutrition and wellness centers, and associated programs and counseling
  • Employee Resource Groups that support a variety of development opportunities
  • Employee toolkits exploring personal and career values, preferences and orientations
  • Toolkits to prepare for employee career development discussions
  • Global Educational Assistance that supports employees in pursuing external training/educational opportunities for career development
  • Access to Human Resource (HR) call centers for personalized answers to HR questions
  • Benefits counseling for employee retirement planning purposes
  • Financial planning seminars for all employees
  • Career transition assistance benefits, including outplacement counseling services
Programs for transition assistance (GRI 404-2)

In 2020, employees separated from Dow were offered support services including career coaching, resume optimization, networking and interview preparation at no cost.

Performance culture (GRI 404-3)

Both leaders and employees play a key role in ensuring the effectiveness of our performance culture by establishing SIMple (specific, important, measurable) goals, encouraging continuous development feedback and dialogue, and reviewing progress on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Our leaders are encouraged to partner with their employees to identify their strengths, as well as opportunities for development. The performance culture cycle concludes with an annual review. In preparation, leaders gather multi-rater feedback throughout the year to enhance the quality of the discussion and ensure multiple inputs before making compensation decisions.

For the 2020 performance cycle, 95.3% of active employees were eligible to receive an Annual Performance Review. The remaining 4.7% were ineligible due to employment status including students, interns, co-ops, part of divestitures or specific joint ventures, and other Dow employees based on local contractual agreements. Of the eligible employees employed at the end of the performance cycle, 94.5% received a documented 2020 performance summary in MyHR portal.