Women's Inclusion Network (WIN)

The COVID-19 pandemic created new challenges for Dow women and men around the world. Stress rose as the pandemic separated loved ones and magnified caregiving responsibilities. WIN provided support and forums for discussion to address stress and help solve common problems. WIN also continued to champion women’s development virtually.

Virtual coffee breaks drive connections

In 2020 WIN held Coffee Breaks @ Home sessions. These sessions covered a range of topics relevant to life during the pandemic. Equally important, these events kept employees connected. Overall, the 25 events were attended by a total of 2,690 people. The impact of these sessions was reflected in this comment from one participant, “I appreciate that you all have given me a sense of community and connection over the past year while working from home!”

Powerful domestic violence awareness campaign takes off

Under the umbrella of WIN, Fabiola Sansigolo, Manufacturing and Engineering (M&E) IT Business Process leader, herself a past victim of domestic violence, launched a Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign in Latin America. The concept came from the Business Coalition to End Violence Against Women and Girls, which Dow is a member of, with support from Javier Constante, Dow Latin America president.

The campaign began in Brazil and then spread across Latin America. The WIN team worked with the Avon Institute to benchmark and share best practices for the campaign. More than 550 women and men participated in sessions where employees courageously shared their stories.