In 2020, GLAD, Dow’s LGBTQ+ and Ally ERG, celebrated its 20th anniversary. Over the years, GLAD has been instrumental in helping to ensure that Dow is an inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ employees, including extending employee benefits to same-sex partners, adding gender identity to our non-discrimination policy and becoming the first chemical company to score 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index. In 2020, Dow earned its 15th consecutive 100% score for this index.

Apprenticeship programs for trans workers in Latin America

Too often, trans people in Latin America cannot access a safe, supportive education due to the fear of discrimination and violence. GLAD launched programs in Brazil and Argentina to address this issue:

  • In Brazil, the country’s Young Apprentices Program is the gateway for many young people to join the job market. The program trains young workers under special temporary contracts to help them successfully complete the transition from school to work. Dow Brazil is focusing its 15-month program on training and development of trans people so they are able to compete in the job market both at Dow and at other top multinational companies.
  • In Argentina, Dow initiated a project in partnership with other major global companies called the Transgender Learning Program, which hires young trans people between the ages of 18 to 25, who have a high school education. Over the course of six months, each apprentice works at various partner companies, such as Dow, where they engage in daily tasks and activities, build their professional network, and receive training to further develop their skills. At the conclusion of the program, many are highly sought after by Dow and other companies due to their knowledge and experience.