Asian Diversity Network (ADN)

ADN celebrated its 20th anniversary in November 2020. In the past two decades, participation has grown to 4,500 members and 23 chapters. From the onset of the global pandemic, ADN took a leading role in educating employees about COVID-19 and dispelling myths that blame Asians for the global pandemic. In 2021, ADN is spearheading listening sessions and discussions about the rise in racially motivated harassment and violence against people of Asian descent.

Supporting a special needs school in China

Since 2008, ADN has supported the Zhangjiagang (ZJG) Special Education School. In 2020, ADN leveraged the ALL IN ERG Fund to improve teaching conditions and enhance students’ social skills and self-confidence. With the funds, ADN:

  • Donated equipment for the school to provide psychological assessment tools for students with autism.
  • Helped decorate the school’s multifunctional living room and improve teaching conditions.
  • Sponsored parent-child sports games and purchased clothing.

“The Asian Diversity Network was formed with a focus on elevating the gap in upward movement of Asians, breaking down stereotypes and changing perceptions.”

– Lotus Huang, APAC ADN regional leader