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Instrumental to accountability

For nearly 125 years, Dow has built an invaluable asset: our reputation for operating with the highest ethical standards, transparency and fairness. Dow’s values of Respect for People, Integrity and Protecting Our Planet are fundamental beliefs that are ingrained in every action we take and are the foundation of our company’s success.

Adherence to best-in-class corporate governance practices is how we hold ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders, while protecting the long-term interests of our shareholders.

Corporate governance and board oversight

Our highly skilled, independent Board of Directors has a broad spectrum of expertise and experience, ensuring we benefit from diverse perspectives.

Risk management

Our guidelines and policies enable us to mitigate the adverse effects of risks, including those related to health and safety, finances and cyberthreats.

Material impacts

A comprehensive assessment determined topics material for disclosure based on their impact on economies, the environment and stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement

By regularly engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders, we build a clearer understanding of complex global challenges and local conditions.

Ethics and compliance

All of us at Dow are held accountable to the highest standards of ethical conduct with every decision and action we take.

Conflicts of interest

Everyone working for Dow is expected to avoid personal activities and financial interests that could conflict with their company responsibilities.

Governance structure (GRI 102-18)

Our Board of Directors is responsible for broad corporate policy and overall performance of the company through oversight of management and stewardship Among other duties, the Board appoints the company’s officers, assigns to them responsibility for management of the company’s operations, and reviews their performance. The Board has four committees, each with responsibilities related to economic, environmental and social topics.

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