Biodiversity (GRI 304-103)

In our work with The Nature Conservancy, we have defined nature as “the Earth’s collective inhabitants and nonliving environments interacting as functional ecosystems and providing services such as clean water, clean air and healthy soil.” To date, we have looked at biodiversity as being expressed through making positive contributions via projects that impact clean water, clean air and healthy soil, which, in turn, supports biodiversity. This work, and our efforts around our Valuing Nature 2025 Sustainability Goal and ecosystem services quantification, provide a solid foundation of methods, tools and a framework to build on. We have recognized the need to add biodiversity as an additional dimension to our sustainability journey, as we understand that protecting biological diversity is important for the survival of plant and animal species, genetic diversity and the natural ecosystems that provide clean water and air. Deterioration of biodiversity jeopardizes the provision of ecosystem services that our value chain depends on and adversely impacts sustainable development. This can translate into economic and social losses that endanger our own well-being.

Strategy and management

Developing strategy and management practices for biodiversity will mirror our approach to other environmental topics such as energy, water, emissions, effluents and wastes. We will begin with additional measurements to understand our biodiversity impact.

2020 activities

  • As part of our collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, we initiated a specific task force to investigate biodiversity assessment tools, research best-in-class companies’ approach to the topic, and learn from key collaborations to craft a relevant and fit-for-purpose strategy and management practices based on the best science.
  • Dow was invited and joined the Aligning Biodiversity Measures for Business collaboration, launched by the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre Europe, the Capitals Coalition, Arcadis and ICF. This project will assist the European Commission’s efforts to support businesses and other stakeholders in developing a standardized approach to both biodiversity measurement and natural accounting practices.
  • We initiated a project assessing biodiversity via both a species delineation and ecosystem services lens on a Dow property in Latin America. Learn more.