Environmental impact (GRI 305-103, 307-103)

We are committed to world-class EH&S performance, as demonstrated by industry-leading results, a long-standing commitment to Responsible Care®, and our commitment to achieve our 2025 Sustainability Goals and our new targets on climate protection and a circular economy. To meet our commitments, as well as the laws and government regulations related to environmental protection and remediation to which our global operations are subject, Dow has well-defined policies, requirements and management systems.

Managing EH&S performance

Dow’s EH&S Management System (EMS) defines the “who, what, when and how” needed for the businesses to implement the company’s policies and requirements, and meet performance objectives, leadership expectations and public commitments. To ensure effective utilizations, the EMS is integrated into a companywide management system for EH&S, Operations, Quality and Human Resources.

Responsible Care®

Third-party verification and transparent public reporting are cornerstones of world-class EH&S performance and building public trust. Numerous Dow sites in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the United States and Canada have received third-party verification of Dow’s compliance with Responsible Care® and with outside specifications such as ISO-14001. Dow continues to be a global champion of Responsible Care® and has worked to broaden the application and impact of Responsible Care® around the world through engagement with suppliers, customers and joint venture partners.

Waste, water and emissions inventory

Dow manages environmental data for reporting with a waste, water, and emissions inventory system.  All emitting manufacturing sites globally record their emissions and water use in the system annually.  The data are reviewed at the facility level and then by global coordinators before being aggregated for corporate reporting.

Environment, health and safety policy

At Dow, protecting people and the environment is a part of everything we do and every decision we make. Each employee has a responsibility in ensuring that our products and operations meet applicable government or Dow standards, whichever are more stringent. Our goal is to eliminate all injuries, prevent adverse environmental and health impacts, reduce waste and emissions, and promote resource conservation at every stage of the life cycle of our products. We will report our progress and be responsive to the public.

Materials used

We process basic raw materials to make value-added products for our customers and to use as intermediates to further our downstream operations.

Energy management and consumption

Our Hydrocarbon & Energy business manages energy at Dow and seeks to balance sustainability, affordability and reliability.


We are continually working to optimize our facilities and processes to reduce energy consumption and emissions.


We have both the responsibility and opportunity to collaborate to ensure there is a sustainable and resilient freshwater supply for all.


Our work around our Valuing Nature 2025 Sustainability Goal and ecosystem services quantification has given us the tools and framework to add biodiversity as an additional dimension of our sustainability journey.

Waste and significant spills

We work first to eliminate or minimize the generation of waste and emissions at the source.