World-leading operations performance

Dow maintains world-leading operations (WLO) performance in natural resource efficiency, environment, health and safety.


2020 progress

We continued to make progress on our WLO targets by:

  • Increasing our Total Worker Health® (TWH) Index by 10 percentage points and our Environmental Stewardship Index by 20 percentage points over 2019. 
  • Exceeding our 2025 target of demonstrating a 50% improvement in our Transportation Stewardship Index. 
  • Expanding our access to renewable power by more than 50% to greater than 800 MW, exceeding our 2025 target of 750 MW of our power demand from renewable sources by 2025. We will continually monitor our progress on this target as purchased power agreements expire or are acquired. 
  • The WLO Indices were included as a component of our Performance Award compensation program.

Unplanned event


  • Eliminate fatalities, significantly reduce severe injury and illness incidents, and maintain the total recordable injury and illness rate at industry-leading levels.
  • Eliminate all process safety events that impact our people, communities and the environment.
  • Eliminate all preventable Motor Vehicle Accident fatalities.

Total Worker Health™ (%)


  • Have TWH implementation that comprehensively controls workplace health risks, protects workers and improves the health of Dow people.

Environmental stewardship (%)


  • Improve our raw material efficiency utilization index by 10% relative to the 2015 baseline.
  • Reduce the freshwater intake intensity at our key water-stressed sites by 20%.
  • Reduce our waste intensity footprint by 20%.
  • Offset emissions of Priority Compounds, VOCs and NOx.
  • Obtain 750 MW of our power demand from renewable sources by 2025.

Transportation stewardship (%)


  • Demonstrate a 50% improvement in our Transportation Stewardship Index through progress in incident-free performance, programs to influence logistics and raw material suppliers, and risk reduction across the value chain.
  • Strive to eliminate severe transportation incidents that impact people, property and the environment in the communities through which our products, raw materials and intermediates flow.

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