Valuing nature

2020 progress

Business-driven projects that enhance nature

In 2020, we realized $100 million in business value toward the Valuing Nature Goal. Goal contributions came primarily from cost avoidance on 25 global projects.

Since goal launch, Dow has realized $530 million in business value through projects that are better for business and better for nature. This puts us well on track to achieve our target of $1 billion in business value from projects that enhance nature by 2025.

Value to Dow from nature projects

Targeted vs. achieved

A line graph about target versus actual dollars per year

Nature screening

In the first five years of the Valuing Nature Goal, significant progress was made toward screening capital and expense projects. However, as projected in the 2019 Sustainability Report, we fell short of meeting our target to screen all business development and real-estate projects by 2020. Progress has been made in these areas by broadening the Nature Screen, which resulted in the addition of several products and land monetization projects to the goal’s project pipeline.

2020 highlights

  • 14 sites held virtual goal webinars in Asia Pacific to increase engagement in nature screening
  • Piloted the Nature Goal Scorecard
  • Facilitated a nature-based solution workshop focused on building resilience in the Texas Coast with the Army Corps of Engineers, where more than 80 participants attended from 30 organizations

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