Safe materials iconSafe materials for a sustainable planet

Goal updates

We envision a future where every material we bring to market is sustainable for our people and our planet.

Our ambitions and targets under this goal are:
Sustainable materials icon Sustainable materials of tomorrow

Understand and respond to growing pressure on challenged chemistries in the market

  • Launch an internal sustainable materials strategy
  • Announce 10 sustainable alternatives
Conversation icon Leading a candid conversation

Proactively support safe material handling practices and development of sound regulatory paradigms

  • Conduct Product Stewardship Academy in 10 developing countries
  • Announce five courageous collaborations with external partners
Chemistry icon Open and transparent chemistry

Respond to and shape the increasing market requests for product transparency to maintain credibility and build trust

  • Publish a Transparency Portal
  • Share five examples of products/applications not pursued

2020 highlights

  • A sustainable alternative was announced, ECOSURF™ EH: The ECOSURF™ EH Surfactant portfolio has been named as our second sustainable alternative to the market, based on its favorable EH&S profile, enhanced life cycle assessment (LCA), product performance and market acceptance. ECOSURF™ EH products offer a reduction in aquatic toxicity that meets or exceeds global environmental regulations, significantly reduces the potential eco-toxicity over a lifetime, lowers human health concerns and is readily biodegradable. This enables more sustainable formulations for cleaning, coatings and agriculture products.


  • We collaborated with a customer to advance in vitro science: In collaboration with our customer Kao Corporation, we published a joint research article discussing alternative toxicology assessments as the regulatory community is transitioning to non-animal methods.

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