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Goal: By 2025, Dow employees and partners worldwide will apply their resources to help build sustainable and resilient communities.

In 2020, the goal team refreshed our targets to ensure that they are measurable and verifiable, outcome-focused, aligned with current Dow Global Citizenship and People and Culture strategies, and embrace the original intent of the goal to positively impact the world in which we live, work and play.

Employee volunteer participation

Objective: Improve employee experience through volunteerism across Team Dow

Target: By 2025, 70% of Dow employees will report through the annual VOICE Employee Survey that they contribute time and expertise through volunteer engagement.

The Dow 2020 Employee Experience score was 8 percentage points higher for Dow employees who volunteered vs. those who did not.

A bar chart about employee volunteer participation

Source: VOICE Employee Survey

Measured impacts are based on 29% of Dow’s total philanthropic investments since 2016. As measurement coverage increases, the scorecard’s accuracy and comprehensiveness will increase.

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