Advancing a circular economy


Collaborating across value chain

RENUVA™ Mattress Recycling Program

The RENUVA™ mattress circular economy program sets out to recycle polyurethane (PU) foam from end-of-life mattresses. In collaboration with the value chain, Dow is creating a chemical recycling ecosystem to achieve step-change sustainability impact. RENUVA™ Polyol production is scheduled to commence the second half of 2021 in collaboration with H&S Anlagentechnik, who will supply a turn-key installation, and Eco-mobilier, who will supply PU foam from post-consumer mattresses to a recycling unit at Orrion Chemicals Orgaform in Semoy, France. The RENUVA™ Polyol with up to 50% recycled content can be used as a raw material for new mattresses or other flexible PU foam products. In fact, Dow has already announced a collaboration with Vita Group for the production of flexible PU foams made with RENUVA™ process. The recycling program is advancing the circular economy while also significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Regenerated DOWTHERM™ AR for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

DOWTHERM™ A is the virgin high temperature fluid (HTF) material used for first fill of concentrated solar power plants. Due to elevated temperatures, HTF fluid slowly degrades and unwanted components are continuously separated as waste. To reduce this waste and the environmental impact, Dow partnerships enable the reprocessing of the HTF from the waste through a regenerating process. The resulting DOWTHERM™ AR (R stands for regenerated) has the same specifications as the virgin material and can be directly used in the CSP plants. The concept is to close the loop and extend fluid lifetime by avoiding its end of life as waste or for incineration while giving a CO2 advantage.

2020 progress

We are refining our strategies and driving our pipeline for circular economy solutions forward by focusing on:

  • Designing materials for a circular economy
  • Stopping the waste and closing the loop on materials in our operations
  • Enabling others to advance the circular economy
  • Scaling business models to keep materials in play

These examples exemplify how Dow continues to strive to commercialize and scale up our circular economy R&D portfolio.

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