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Sustainable Chemistry Index

Our Delivering Breakthrough Innovations Goal is focused on advancing the well-being of humanity and the environment, based on understanding the life cycle of our products: their sources of energy and feedstocks, manufacturing processes, uses and applications, and how they are treated after use.

We continue to improve our sustainable chemistry performance and report progress externally. The Sustainable Chemistry Index (SCI) is an internally developed assessment tool focused on multiple sustainability attributes of Dow’s businesses and products. SCI has provided an internal benchmark to inspire and track business engagement and progress on sustainable chemistry. Results through 2019 are presented. The 2020 SCI will be scored in Q3 2021.

Each Dow business has business-specific product sustainability goals. We track goals using the business responses to the SCI survey. In 2020 our businesses demonstrated challenging, broadly communicated goals.

The SCI is a series of questions answered annually by each of Dow’s business units. Questions are grouped into four themes: product risks, addressing world challenges through products and operations, strategy and recognition, and value chain engagement. The results provide a way to analyze the company’s product portfolio that incorporates sustainability and economic performance together.

Innovation pipeline

>80% of R&D projects are aligned to Dow’s sustainability focus areas: climate protection, circular economy and safer materials.

The number of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysts continued to grow, primarily in R&D. These experts look at products in all stages of development and commercialization, especially to quantify the benefits and trade-offs associated with our three sustainability focus areas – climate protection, circular economy and safer materials.

R&D 100 awards

DOWSIL™ EC-6601 Electrically Conductive Adhesive Enables Next Generation Electronic Devices

  • RHOBARR™ 320 Polyolefin Dispersion for Paper and Board

  • NEOSEED® NR-8800 Durable Water Repellent for Textiles
  • ENGAGE™ 11000 Polyolefin Elastomers

  • DOWSIL™ EL-2888 Primerless Silicone Encapsulant for LED lighting

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