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Our Dow sustainability strategy and goals

We’re working to deliver a sustainable future by collaborating and innovating to expand our ability to make a positive impact on society and the planet. As a leading materials science company, we have the responsibility and opportunity to act and lead the industry in areas where our science and innovation can make a difference. This means we are reducing our environmental footprint, developing and implementing circular economy solutions, and creating new materials that are more sustainable.

2021 highlights


Announced 1st net-zero emissions ethylene and derivatives complex in the world (Fort Saskatchewan site)

>900 MW

expanded access to renewable power


Enabling 85% of Dow products sold into packaging applications to be reusable or recyclable


of innovation portfolio aligned to sustainability outcomes


of the way to achieving $1B in business value from projects that enhance nature


invested into impact funds, recycling infrastructure and circular plastics economy

Our focus areas: accelerating our sustainability commitments

Climate protection, circular economy and safer materials are critical to our license to operate and represent areas where we are using our science, scale and global relationships across our value chains to create shared opportunity for Dow and society.
Picture of a forest with mountains in background
Climate protection

We are committed to protecting our planet by combatting climate change, including contributing to a lower-carbon future, both in our operations and value chains.

Picture of colorful plastic pellets for recycle
Circular economy

We are taking a leading role in driving a more circular economy by designing for circularity, building new business models for circular materials and partnering to end plastic waste.

Inside a plastic recycling plant
Safer materials

We are innovating new materials that offer a more favorable health and environmental profile over their life cycles compared to incumbent solutions.

Our targets: accelerating carbon neutrality and plastics circularity

In 2020, we set new, multi-decade targets to put us on a path to achieve carbon neutrality and eliminate plastic waste. These targets build upon our 2025 Sustainability Goals: 10-year commitments aimed at magnifying our company’s positive impact through collaboration with like-minded partners.

View the progress on our 2025 Sustainability Goals

As we continue to execute our 2025 Sustainability Goals that set the standard for the chemical industry, we also look at the goals that help us hit key targets along our sustainability journey.

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