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Inroads for sustainable development

Our focus areas

We’ve identified three areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference and drive industrywide change.

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Contributing to climate protection

We’re reducing our emissions and investing in new technologies to become carbon neutral by 2050. We’re also innovating lower-carbon products.

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Advancing a circular economy

We’re working to “close the loop” and “stop the waste” by extending our materials’ life and enabling more plastics to be collected, reused or recycled.

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Innovating safer materials

We are committed to bringing safer materials to the market by improving how we design and manufacture products, and measure and report on their impact.

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Environmental impact

We have well-defined policies to manage EH&S performance; minimize usage of energy, water and raw materials; and reduce emissions and waste.

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Supply chain

We’re enhancing collaboration with our suppliers to reduce waste, identify lower-carbon options and enhance circularity.

2025 Sustainability Goals progress

Through our 2025 Sustainability Goals, we are collaborating with like-minded partners to help advance the transition to a sustainable plant and society. Our 2025 Sustainability Goals—the third set of 10-year goals in our company’s sustainability journey—continues our efforts to address a wide range of sustainability issues in our operations and communities around the world. These goals are helping us advance a circular economy, value nature, deliver breakthrough innovations, encourage collaboration through blueprint thinking and support students and teachers in STEM education.

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