Alignment to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs that are an opportunity for Dow to lead

Dow has the global reach, expertise and connections to drive significant solutions and to lead or make a large impact with the above SDGs. These SDGs align well with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s chemical sector SDG roadmap.

SDGs that are an opportunity to engage and contribute

These SDGs are areas where Dow can engage and make positive contributions, but is not positioned to or expected to take the lead. Goal 5 – Gender Equality – is an example. Dow engages through our Inclusion & Diversity efforts and has a strong record of providing equal opportunity to women and minorities.

SDGs that present business opportunities and risks

Business opportunity

Business risk

Some goals present a business opportunity or risk, and it is important that our commercial teams understand the sustainable-development-driven changes coming to the markets they serve. In some cases, these changes may lead to product deselection. In others, new and growing markets present opportunities for innovative Dow products to enable sustainable development.

SDGs that Dow currently negatively impacts

A few SDGs represent areas where the current impact of Dow’s products or operations could be seen as inconsistent with the achievement of the goal. Our three focus areas of Climate Protection, Circular Economy and Safer Materials are well-aligned to drive measurable reductions in our impacts.

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