A white icon depicting community Building inclusive communities

We are committed to building inclusive communities where everyone is treated with fairness and respect. We help communities thrive by partnering with local organizations to create more inclusive places to live and work, and we inspire and empower educators and students to create more inclusive environments in schools.

Dow inclusion programs

Our signature ALL IN ERG Fund competitive grant program engages Dow’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to champion projects in Dow communities. In 2020, $250,000 in seed funding was granted for community projects.

Examples of projects funded through the ALL IN ERG Fund in 2020 include:

  • Building resilience and understanding in Singapore: Dow partnered with nonprofit organizations in Singapore to achieve two primary objectives: to extend a circle of help to underprivileged women, and to increase understanding and engagement within the LGBTQ+ community. Dow funding and employee engagement supported:
    • Twenty underprivileged women, through access to the Daughters of Tomorrow Confidence Curriculum, to build resilience and provide practical support towards gainful employment.
    • Access to services such as counseling and career talks for 88 individuals at a reduced fee or free of charge, to strengthen feelings of inclusion, acceptance and unity.
  • Entrepreneurship support for immigrants: In Europe, multiple Dow ERGs supported refugee and migrant entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of owning their own business. In 2020, a total of six new businesses/nonprofit organizations were founded during the course of the program.

In addition to the ALL IN ERG Fund, in 2020, Dow gave a total of $3.8 million in grants to support multiple and diverse nonprofit organizations focused on inclusion, diversity and equity. For example, the Dow Promise grant program was strengthened financially to increase donations to projects that will positively impact Black communities near Dow locations that are facing educational and economic challenges.

Dow ACTs

In 2020, Dow committed more than $10 million in support over the next five years to address systemic racism and racial inequality through a holistic plan, Dow ACTs. Through this strategic plan, we partnered with the U.S. Chamber Coalition to Back Black Businesses to award $5,000 grants to 25 Black-owned small businesses in Dow communities. We pledged more than $5 million to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) for programming, partnership and support to enhance the Black STEM talent pipeline. We also pledged $1 million to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s National Racial Equity Initiative for Social Justice. Learn more about our actions through Dow ACTs here.

Empowering women entrepreneurs in India

Dow India helped rural women entrepreneurs at the fourth Mann Deshi Mahotsav – a flagship event and a channel to market for businesswomen. The Mann Deshi Foundation empowers rural women with the knowledge, skills and access to capital to start a new business and become economically empowered. Its business schools have seen an impressively high success rate, as more than 50% of women who undergo training reported an increase in their monthly incomes. Drawing more than 60,000 people, the Mann Deshi Mahotsav offered a place where farmers, artisans and women entrepreneurs could exhibit and market their local produce and artifacts. The Mahotsav also created a platform to spread awareness on how small efforts in segregating packaging material can divert waste to landfills and help in recycling for future use.