Dow Featured in New CX Leadership Book

A new book, Do B2B Better, released by Heart of the Customer in October, includes over a dozen examples of Dow’s industry-leading Customer Experience practices (now available for order on Amazon). The book premiered at a CX conference in Minneapolis where Dow’s CX Director, Riccardo Porta, delivered a talk on Dow’s journey from adoption, to practitioner, to leadership in B2B CX.

Dow started working with Heart of the Customer in 2017 to establish many of the disciplines still in use today – especially our process for customer Journey Mapping and prioritizing touchpoints for improvements.

The Forward for the book is written by Dan Futter, Dow’s Chief Commercial Officer. But the accolades belong to all the business, functional and regional participants in those early sessions who set the stage for Dow’s CX transformation – and many people since who have driven tremendous change across the company over the last several years. That includes the CX Steering Committee, CX project teams, Change Champions network, and the functional and business leaders who have since advanced the growth-generating value of CX.