Customer FAQs

General Legal Entity

What is a legal entity?

A legal entity is the legal name of a separate organization/company that has legal standing in the eyes of the law. Given that we operate in so many countries around the world, individual entities are set up to establish ownership of the business we conduct in that area. That way, we can operate as efficiently as possible with the legal capacity to enter agreements and contracts, assume obligations, etc. We are now taking on a comprehensive effort to change the names of certain legal entities, where necessary, in a way that does not interrupt your bu...

On June 1, 2019, will customers still need to continue to issue separate P.O.s and receive separate invoices?

There are operational streamlining opportunities that will arise as we become a stand-alone company. More information to come on scope/timing as our transformation continues.

Are there any changes associated with ordering processes?

Yes, the IT environments for both the Dow and DuPont businesses aligned to the Specialty Products Division are targeting a move known as a Lift & Transfer effort. We will communicate any potential customer impact in advance, but at this point, we are not expecting any.