Grant Eligibility Requirements

Organizations must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a grant:

The project must align to one or more of the following Dow Global Citizenship commitments: Building the Workforce of Tomorrow

Our commitment to “Building the Workforce of Tomorrow” seeks to:

  • Empower our educators
  • Spark excitement around science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
  • Support students with various backgrounds and at various stages of life with opportunities to develop their skills.

Innovating for Global (Local) Solutions

Our commitment to “Innovating for Local Solutions” seeks to meet the most basic human needs with particular focus on:

  • Appropriate distribution of nutritious food
  • Providing ample water resources and a quality drinking water supply
  • Appropriate housing and energy resources
  • Creating sustainable communities by helping to address local community mental health-related needs
  • Applicants must be a charitable or non-profit organization with a 501(c)3 designation or eligible government or school with required tax documentation. Note – faith based organizations may qualify, provided their proposed project is for the benefit of the community as a whole rather than just the members of the congregation
  • The organization must reside in the Great Lakes Bay Region and grants must benefit the region
  • The organization must be able to demonstrate it is financially stable
  • The organization has a defined plan to sustain the long-term viability of the project
  • Measures of success are defined in the application to demonstrate project impact in the region; organization agrees to submitting impact data, after one year of project completion
  • The project will impact a large number of citizens in the region and will address a regional need
  • The amount of funding requested must accurately reflect the amount needed to fund the project; upon evaluation, grant requests for less than $10,000 may be referred to the local Community Foundation for processing as a Donor Advised Grant
  • If additional funding is required to complete the project, the organization will already have the funding sources identified prior to submitting a Dow grant request

Examples of charitable organizations and/or activities that would not qualify for funding include:

  • Projects submitted by for-profit businesses, religious organizations for the sole benefit of the organization, individual sports teams (see Community Youth Grants), political organizations for candidates, labor unions, homeowners’ associations or individuals
  • Operating expenses, personal computers, travel expenses, conferences, advertising, fundraising events, giveaways or prizes, individual scholarships, dues and memberships, or lobbying expenses