DowPAC Guidelines for Contributions


DowPAC, also known as The Dow Chemical Company Employees Political Action Committee, is a voluntary group of concerned employees and retirees, who through personal contributions to DowPAC, support state and federal candidates in the U.S. Established by Dow in 1978, DowPAC has provided a legal and ethical way for employees and retirees to contribute to worthy candidates. DowPAC is a separate segregated fund that complies with the Federal Election Campaign Act, as amended, and all state and federal election laws and regulations.

Every dollar contributed to DowPAC goes directly to supporting candidates. DowPAC is independent of any political party, candidate or organization, except that Dow defrays all costs and expenses, as allowed by law, associated with operating DowPAC.


Membership in DowPAC is voluntary and encouraged broadly among eligible employees of Dow. U.S. federal election law strictly defines who is eligible to be solicited for membership into political action committees. Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, "A corporation…may solicit its restricted class at any time. The restricted class of a corporation consists of:

  • The corporation's executive and administrative personnel;
  • The stockholders; and
  • The families of the above two groups."

Participants in DowPAC must be U.S. citizens or legal aliens holding Alien Registration Receipt Cards (green cards).

Governance - National Steering Team

DowPAC is governed by a National Steering Team (NST) composed of a diverse group of Dow employees. Voting members include a Chairman, Vice Chairman, representatives from three Dow businesses, a representative of each home state committee, two representatives of Dow retiree shareholders, and two 'at-large' members elected from the current DowPAC membership. The NST is empowered to determine the candidates and/or political committees that DowPAC will support and for the overall operation of DowPAC.

Home State Committees are established in states where Dow has major capital investments. These bodies, composed of Dow employees at all levels, serve as local advisory groups. Currently, Dow has Home State Committees established in Louisiana, Michigan and Texas.

Ex-officio, nonvoting members of the DowPAC NST include a Treasurer, PAC Legal counsel, representatives of the Federal/State government affairs function, Political Affairs Director, and Government Affairs representatives from Dow's major facilities.


The DowPAC NST evaluates candidates on a bipartisan basis, based on some or all of the following criteria:

  • Dow presence in district or state
  • Voting record on Dow issues
  • Key committee assignments
  • Key committee leadership position
  • Congressional/state party leadership position
  • Potential for election success
  • History of DowPAC support
  • Knowledge of Dow issues
  • Other (e.g., extraordinary constituent service)

Every DowPAC contribution is reported to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and those reports are made public on the FEC website.

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