Plan, Evaluate & Execute

The following modules include information on methods for evaluating laboratory hazards as well as best practices for mitigating risks.


Lab Hazard/Management of Change

Principles behind an effective hazard assessment approach for laboratory operations.


Lab Hazard Assessment/Trigger Grid Inspections

Key considerations for assessing and planning safe laboratory operations.


Safe Operations Card

An effective method for communicating information about the potential hazards involved in lab work.


Reactive Chemicals

Key considerations to prevent uncontrolled or unexpected reactions in the lab that have the potential for injury.


Energy Calculations

Evaluating potential energy release in a system and its importance in laboratory safety.


Interpreting Material Safety Data Sheets

Guidance on how to understand information found in Material Safety Data Sheets.


Chemical Labeling

The importance of chemical labeling for safe lab operations.


Sample Transportation & Shipping

Key considerations for proper shipping of chemical samples.


Line of Fire

Hazard awareness and how to recognize hazards before starting lab work.

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