Safety Orientation & Training Videos


Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomic Safety and Guidance for the classroom


PPE Basics

PPE Basic Safety Guidance for laboratory experiments


Waste Handling

Waste Handling Safety Guidance in the laboratory



The importance of housekeeping in ensuring safe lab operations


Basic Electrical Safety

Basic electrical awareness to help the viewer minimize electrical shock exposure by recognizing and properly responding to any potential shock and fire hazards associated with plug and cord electrical equipment.


Fire Extinguisher Basics

How a fire starts, which types of fires exist and how you can extinguish it. It also covers which types of extinguishers exist, how to check them, and how to prevent fires before they occur.


Fall, Slip & Trip Prevention

This module provides in introduction to preventing slips, trips, and falls in the work environment. Special emphasis is placed on recognizing, evaluating and controlling slip, trip, and fall hazards in laboratory environments.


Lone Worker

How to work safely in the laboratory when you are the only person in the lab.


Laboratory Ergonomics

Laboratory Ergonomics Safety and Guidance in a laboratory setting

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