Thank you to those on the frontlines

Dows Global Dow Center in Midland Michigan USA

Amid COVID-19 uncertainty, our frontline responders make me certain we will persevere. We owe them our gratitude and all the support we can.

Right now, around the world, millions of healthcare professionals, first responders, warehouse managers, engineers, manufacturing operators, grocery store workers and public servants are fighting this pandemic and helping to ensure our health and wellbeing.

To all of you on the frontlines – thank you. All of us at Dow are grateful for everything you are doing.

I also want to extend my sincere thanks to the thousands of my Dow colleagues who are also on the frontlines – staffing plants and laboratories to manufacture, ship and sell our products and support our customers. At Dow, we play a critical role in supplying the many vital products and technologies that power our healthcare, hygiene and medical industries.

The Dow Team makes the products needed for antiseptics; disinfectants; personal protective equipment, like medical gowns, caps and drapes, and gloves; detergents for laundry cleaning; and even memory foams for hospital beds.

They manage our vast network of supply chain and production capabilities, providing us multiple options and flexibility to safely and dependably serve all our stakeholders. This includes securing contingency shipping routes, modes, and logistics capacity and moving critical raw materials into our plants.

As I stated in my last post: our commitment is – and always will be – to do everything we can to ensure the health and wellbeing of our Dow Team, customers, suppliers and the broader global community. 

We continue to work closely with government officials and medical professionals so that we can live up to this commitment. These are true partnerships, forged in our belief that collaboration yields the best outcomes – especially during challenging times.

To further support the efforts of those on the frontlines and the recovery efforts still to come, today, Dow announced a commitment of $3 million to aid COVID-19 relief efforts worldwide.

  • $2 million for immediate support of impacts caused by COVID-19. This includes donations to the COVID-19 Solidarity Fund, Direct Relief, and local and regional nonprofits in Dow communities around the globe.
  • $1 million to build community resilience in the recovery phase.

Additionally, Dow announced the production and donation of hand sanitizer at its manufacturing site in Stade, Germany, and is rapidly repurposing an existing facility to produce hand sanitizer in the U.S., as well.

And it’s heartening to see countless other businesses do the same, helping to produce more of the critical materials our world needs right now and offering support in any way they can.

That’s why, together, we will get through this.

Our colleagues, neighbors, and friends, the healthcare industry as a whole, governments at all levels, and businesses large and small are stepping up.

We owe it to all of them to stay informed and do our part by heeding the directives and recommendations put forward in our own localities. Please visit the CDC and WHO websites for the latest, reliable information.

We also owe all of them our gratitude.

Again, thank you to everyone on the frontlines. Please stay safe.

Jim Fitterling


This article originally appeared on Jim Fitterling’s LinkedIn profile.