Planning today for tomorrow’s sustainably built environment

graphic showing Dow Diamond with city skyline and a textured background

We know a forward-thinking mindset must remain at the heart of our approach to materials science innovation. This future-focused outlook applies to any and every sector that we support, and for the building, construction and infrastructure industries, this means finding a way to anticipate the needs of our customers while advancing sustainability and performance benefits.


Staying ahead of the curve for our drymix customers & facilitating a more sustainably built environment

Urbanization, population growth and resource scarcity are putting increasing pressure on the built environment. These challenges call for greater efficiency, productivity and durability within the industry. A growing demand for more sustainable building products requires new ideas and a product supply that’s ready for future growth and innovation.

Not only do we know that materials science innovation contributes to reduced emissions from drymix formulations for cementitious applications, but also that our additive technologies for these products play the principal role in reducing those emissions via lessened cement, water and sand usage when compared to the more traditional site-mix alternative. These technologies also play a key role in the end-product performance of drymix mortars, adhesives, grouts, and other building materials.


graphic detailing environmental impact of drymix additives versus site mix mortars

While we’ve been continually committed to providing high-quality and differentiated solutions, we knew there was only so much we could do to further optimize these benefits alone while also preparing for future growth in the industry.


Strategic collaboration for future-focused growth

“Dow plays a critical role in the construction chemicals value chain. We know high-performance products and supply reliability are essential elements to helping the industry grow and innovate for the future.”
– Ahmed El-Zawahry, Global Business Director, Dow Construction Chemicals

Through continued industry investment as well as collaboration across the value chain, we’re anticipating the future performance needs of the building and construction industry while working to solve the most pressing sustainability challenges for our customers and society. And as a materials science collaborator that’s focused on being the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive and sustainable in the world, this means innovating our approach to help our construction chemical additives, as well as our customers’ sustainable drymix products, be the leading solution in an evolving world.

We’ve connected stakeholders across the entire value chain to address these challenges and to better understand the leadership we each can take in:

  1. developing products that are sourced, produced and distributed with a lower carbon footprint;
  2. designing chemistries used in applications crafted to lower negative environmental impact on the planet;
  3. and determining processes that promote circularity as an integral part of the full product life cycle.

As a result of these collaborations, we are enhancing our additive capacities to prepare for future demand and to be in the best possible position to accelerate adoption of drymix technology while realizing its collective sustainability benefits for the industry and our world.

Most notably, we’re progressively executing on our growth strategy through a series of incremental methyl cellulose (MC) capacity investments that will help guarantee reliable supply of these key additives for our construction customers. The first phase of these investments completed in 2019 with increased MC production at our manufacturing facilities in Bomlitz and Bitterfeld, Germany. In continuation of this growth attuned to future industry needs, the next expansion is set to be available to customers in 2024

As we make progress toward meeting increased customer demand, we continue to collaborate and innovate so we can provide forward-thinking solutions not only for an industry, but also for a world that’s affected by urbanization, population growth and resource scarcity. If we continue to prioritize teamwork, we know we can come together with our collaborators to positively impact the future sustainability of the planet.

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