Promoting sustainability through

a swimmer in action at the Olympic Games

This month, top athletes are competing to cement their legacy in their sport at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Although it may not be immediately apparent to fans, Team Dow also has been working to leave a lasting legacy for the Olympic Movement – a sustainable one.

As a Worldwide Olympic Partner and the Official Carbon Partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), our innovations and expertise are playing a winning role in helping improve the sustainability of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement, in line with the IOC’s Sustainability Strategy and Olympic Agenda 2020. By bringing together the power of sport and science, we are collaborating to advance world-class technologies and deliver sustainability gains to society.

Here are examples of how we’re working through sport to build a sustainable future, one that extends far beyond the Games.

Legacy and action. These are important themes of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. They are also important to us. Through highly collaborative partnerships with the Olympic Movement, Team Dow is supporting pathways toward a low-carbon future.

Learn more about our collaborations to promote sustainable practices in the 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.