Shipment visibility shows real value

Cargo ship delivery trucks and cargo plane representing worldwide shipping

Supply chain disruptions are dominating the news like never before, as companies and economies worldwide struggle to bounce back from the global pandemic and meet customer demand. At Dow, we are accelerating our digital capabilities to stay connected with customers and provide the information they need to respond to modern supply chain issues.


One of the biggest challenges for any global organization is providing end-to-end supply chain visibility. Modernizing an entire supply chain is not an easy task, but the pandemic has shown the need for digitalization to create a real-time connection with our customers. In our industry, customers traditionally had to call customer service to track orders and shipments. As a result, unexpected shipment delays would often ripple through customers’ supply chains, raising costs and frustrations alike. We have received the message from customers about the need to have real-time visibility on the status of their shipments. That’s why we are investing $400 million to drive continuous improvement in our digital capabilities, including online shipment visibility.


Many shipments travel thousands of miles and take days to reach their final destination. To provide the much needed real-time shipment visibility, we are working with multiple providers and experts to set up a system and processes that enable customers to track and trace their shipment. With this capability, our customers have the information they require to plan and coordinate their supply chain operations and make informed decisions.


Shipment visibility is a customer-focused solution that benefits everyone. It improves the buying experience for both our customers and our customer facing employees by reducing the number of emails and phone calls they receive. When customers have the information they need at their fingertips, 24/7, we can all focus on the critical tasks of growing our business. It’s all part of our digital acceleration that will help us improve the way we serve our customers, face new challenges and explore new growth opportunities.

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