A renewed focus on renewable power in Marietta, Georgia

solar farm collects renewable power from the sun

As consumers, we are increasingly choosing products and companies based first on their favorable environmental profile and positive impacts. But have you ever thought about exactly where that sustainability journey begins for products like automotive, construction, refrigeration, agriculture, and much more?

Sustainability has been a business imperative for us for more than 30 years. Our path toward zero-carbon emissions began in the early 2000s and we are on track to reduce our CO2 emissions by ~30% total by 2030 (relative to our 2005 baseline), aligned with our intent to be carbon neutral by 2050.

As we continue to partner with our customers on circularity, greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable materials, we are taking a holistic view on where our products are produced and what we can do to ensure the sustainability journey starts there.

As a next step, we recently worked with our power provider, Cobb EMC, to transition the power imported to our Marietta, Georgia site, including our systems house (custom blending facility) and administrative offices, to 100% renewable energy. Cobb EMC will retire Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) on Dow’s behalf, equivalent to the power at the Marietta site. As a result, every customer supplied from our Marietta site across all segments will use products that are manufactured using renewable power with reduced environmental impacts.

This transition to renewable power is another step in our sustainability journey in North America. Subscribe to this Seek Together blog to stay informed about our global and regional efforts to reduce our carbon footprint on our journey towards Net Zero.

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