The power of Pack Studios

Technical experts working in a Pack Studios Tarragona lab

How a vision for more collaboration sparked a powerful movement to accelerate product innovation.

Eight years ago, Pack Studios was born from a desire to further collaboration possibilities across the packaging industry. We know that a more sustainable future is made possible by working together, now. Our journey started when we launched our first Pack Studios in Freeport, Texas, and we were overwhelmed by the response. Since then, Pack Studios locations have opened around the world and most recently in Tarragona, Spain.

It’s some kind of magic to see technical knowledge and machinery brilliance come together. And that is what Pack Studios delivers. What has been equally amazing is the agility of Pack Studios throughout changing circumstances. From using the pilot scale equipment to produce needed personal protective equipment for front line workers to launching Pack Studios Live to support virtual collaboration. We’re harnessing the power of Pack Studios to address today’s challenges and deliver innovation for the future.

Pack Studios continues to grow

The Pack Studios team has worked tirelessly to bring the newest location to life, and all in the face of a global pandemic. Equipped with state-of-the-art film production and testing capabilities, Pack Studios Tarragona is designed to facilitate innovation within food and industrial packaging, health and hygiene materials, and label adhesive solutions.

This fantastic new space is already cultivating exciting projects. While we couldn’t bring everyone to Tarragona, we marked this signature occasion with a virtual grand opening. The full event is available to watch here: Pack Studios Tarragona Virtual Grand Opening.

The power of Pack Studios for you

So, you may be wondering, what exactly can Pack Studios do for you? Well, put simply, we collaborate to accelerate your innovation process.

Firstly, it’s all about the working together.

Pack Studios supports a unique collaborative process. Key members across the value chain – from equipment manufacturers to brand owners - are connected for honest discussions. We collectively gain diverse perspectives about market needs, performance gaps, and end goals. This allows us to efficiently and effectively work together to find and test solutions - from materials, to trial fabrication, to application testing.

Then, we ideate, prototype, and test at speed.

Acceleration is the key here. By working together we can optimize trials to deliver targeted performance. At Pack Studios, brand owners can assess the value of an innovation, make market-based decisions, and launch a new product in a much shorter timeframe.

Lastly, we provide state-of-the-art facilities.

None of this would be possible without the technology and incredible network of experts. Our locations around the world offer a robust assortment of cutting-edge fabrication lines, commercial-scale packaging lines, diverse testing equipment and analytical labs, all of which are overseen and operated by experienced professionals who are passionate about helping in every possible way.

The machinery at each location promotes efficiencies at both ends of the production spectrum, helping to accelerate the commercialization process. Ultimately, our facilities allow companies to avoid shutting down production lines to test new products, saving time and money.

The power of Pack Studios where you are

We want you to consider Pack Studios an extension of your facilities. The ten Pack Studios locations around the world are strategically positioned and equipped to serve local market needs.

Just because travel is a limited option right now, doesn’t mean collaboration can’t happen. We’re continuing to work with companies during these unprecedented times through Pack Studios Live. This new offering allows trials to happen via live stream as our on-site team safely carry out testing.

Let’s work together to set the packaging industry up for the future. We invite you to collaborate with us at Pack Studios.

Diego Donoso, President, Packaging & Specialty Plastics